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Civics and Citizenship

The Units
Discovering Democracy - Civics and Citizenship Education website
The Discovering Democracy Units are the electronic version of the Discovering Democracy Units books. The four books form part of the Discovering Democracy Kits distributed to all primary and secondary schools in 1998.

Themes Middle Primary Upper primary Lower Secondary Upper Secondary
Who Rules? Stories of the people and rulers Parliament vs Monarch Should the people rule?

Parties control Parliament

A Democracy destroyed

Human rights

Laws and rights Rules and law The law rules Law
The Australian nation We remember The people make a nation Democratic struggles Making a nation
Citizens and public life Joining in People power Men and women in political life Getting things done
Teaching Civics

Citizenship resources for schools
Information and activities on Australian citizenship and Australian citizenship Day for students and teachers

Civics and Citizenship Education
education web portal contains resources, information, activities and links for teachers, students and parents involved in civics and citizenship education.

Classroom Activities

This section provides more than 40 classroom lessons for primary and secondary teachers. Some of the lessons refer to the Discovering Democracy resources.

The common good : civics and citizenship material

Royal Australian Mint

His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, officially opened the Royal Australian Mint, Canberra, on Monday 22nd February 1965. The Mint was commissioned to produce Australia’s decimal coinage, which was to be introduced into circulation on 14th February 1966. The Royal Australian Mint holds a place in history as the first mint in Australia not to be a branch of the Royal Mint, London.

Exploring the City - City Trails

Cover sheet
City Resources

NW Quadrant NE Quadrant
SW Quadrant SE Quadrant Aboriginal Studies
Aboriginal Studies map

Architecture, Housing and Planning
Architecture, Housing and Planning map

Arts and Culture
Arts and Culture map

City Lifestyle
City Lifestyle map

Civics and Citizenship
Civics and Citizenship map

Heritage map

Adelaide Unplugged: A resource for exploring the City of Adelaide: Trails, Activities and Ideas for Teachers of Secondary Students
Parliament of South Australia
Resources for teachers and students in the education section including crosswords , flags, emblems, diaries of MP’s. etc
Contacting the Education Officer at Parliament House for visits.
Email: Penny.Cavanagh@parliament.sa.gov.au
Student Virtual Parliament
Transparent Democracy for Students
Students set the agenda, debate and vote on the issues of the day with other students across the country. Operating continuously, it produces a concise collective expression of student opinion on the issues of the day. The student voice in each school, electorate, state or region and for the whole country can be seen at a glance