good books
Hygiene Healthy eating and nutrition
Hygiene habits
- various topics from LiveStrong

Kids' Health
- personal hygiene topics include: smelling clean -- clothes -- shoes-- feet -- using 'nice smell' products -- hair -- teeth. From Women's and Children's Health network


Explore hair care
- various topics from LiveStrong

Kids skin health: hair
- health hair care habits. From American Academy of Dermatology

Skin care

All about acne
- Who gets acne -- Causes -- Mythbusters

Basic skin care
- various topics from LiveStrong

Kids' skin health: skin
- acne - causes, types and treatment. From American Academy of Dermatology

Skin care for children and teens
- outlines a skin care plan -- prevention and treatment of acne. From Boys Town Pediatrics


Good dental hygiene for kids
- preventing cavities -- fluoride -- denatl care -- nutrition. From LiveStrong

Taking care of your teeth
- Why teeth are important -- Before toothpaste was invented -- How you can keep your teeth healthy. From KidsHeath


Food and drink spectrum
- chart outlining healthy eating. From Government of SA

Footprint calculator
- questionnaire to check your impact on the environment. From World Wildlife Fund

Healthy eating - quiz
- test you knowledge about a balanced diet. From the British Council

Healthy eating: it's up to you - quiz
- multiple choice quiz. From BBC

The healthy refrigerator -kid's quiz
- test your food choices

Junk food
- What is junk food? What's wrong with junk food. From Kidcyber

Nutrition games
- includes: Combo kitchen -- Fuelled for fun -- Breakfast detective. From National Dairy Council

Palm Oil
Palm oil
- impact on palm oil production on the environment. How to detect palm oil in products. From Say No To Palm Oil

Palm oil free alternatives
- lists of products that do not contain palm oil. From Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia

Palm oil shopping guide
- from Palm Oil Action Group

Products containing palm oil

Say no to palm oil
- information on palm oil and how to detect it in foods. Website created by environmental activist Thomas King