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General   Exploration
Antarctica facts file
- looks at environment, Antarctica science, Antarctica treaty, history, animal life, marine life and transport. By Paul Ward

CIA World Factbook – Antarctica
- includes a map, geography, government, economy, communications, transport, military and transnational issues

Cool Antarctica
- contains images of the ice covered continent, facts, climate, history and information about travel. By paul Ward

Discovering Antarctica
- includes climate, animals, living in Antarctica, The Antarctica Royal Geographic Society

Educapoles Interactive
- raises awareness of the fragile environment of the polar regions. Includes multimedia animations on different topics related to the polar regions. From International Polar Foundation

Origins Antarctica Interactive
- descriptions, photographs, maps and learning activities. Includes a Flash animation of continental drift and animations of ice types such as ice sheets, glaciers and icebergs. From Exploratorium: the Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception

Secrets of the ice
- information on climate, environment, ice core research, expeditions and reports are featured. From Museum of Boston

Virtual tour – South Pole
- image map of the South Pole Station, brief history and cold facts about Antarctica
. From Center of Astrophysical Research in Antarctica.

Warnings from the ice
- from Nova website - topics include ice, land water, wlidlife and glossary of terms

  Antarctica and Sir Douglas Mawson
- from the Australian Government Culture and Recreation portal

Human impact on Antarctica
- threats to the environment including global impact and environmental management. By Paul Ward

You wouldn’t want to be a Polar explorer!
- explores in a humorous way the expedition to Antarctica by the polar explorer Ernest Shackleton in his ship 'Endurance'. From Salariya Book Company

Australia’s Antarctic Stations
- Information about the scientific research programs being conducted at the stations, as well as some historical information on the establishment of the stations, and what it's like to live on an Antarctic research base. From Australian Government

In the footsteps of Sir Douglas Mawson Interactive

- information about the explorer-scientist and images of Sir Douglas Mawson's exploration in Antarctica. From South Australian Museum

Essay Help
Note taking sheet
- electronic template to record notes. Save document to own folder before typing.If unable to open at school go to
R:\Studentwork\Classwork\Year 9\SOSE

Lotus Diagram template
graphic organising tool. From Victorian Curriculum and file. If unable to open at school go to
R:\Studentwork\Classwork\Year 9\SOSE

Persuasion map
- online tool to organise a persuasive essay. From ReadWriteThink