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Australian History
General  First Fleet
Australian history weblinks
- links to a range of topics
. From Interlace

Treasure Explorer
topics: Finding the land down under -- Early settlement -- Colonial life -- Twentieth century -- Movers and shakers. From National Library of Australia. From national Library of Australia

First Australians Video
- meeting of Aborinal people and Arthur Phillip on January 26, 1788. From SBS Television

The First Fleet
- route taken by First Fleet. From NSW, Department of Education and Training

The First Fleet 1787 - 1788: the voyage
- link to brief information on the voyage taken by the First Fleet from Great Britain to establish the first colony in Australia. From Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Vic.

First Fleet online
- a database of the First Fleet convicts to Australia, diary extracts, stories and letters of the time

First Fleet Fellowship
story and ships of the First Fleet - List of provisions - people of the First Fleet

Anzac Day Colonel William Light
- background information from New Zealand History Online

Poppy is for sacrifice
- meaning of the poppy tradition for ANZAC Day. From ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Qld)

Simpson and his donkey
- story of Jack Simpson. Adapted from book by Tom Curran by ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Qld)

Visit Gallipoli
- comprehensive overview of Gallipoli and the ANZACS from Australian Government, Department of Veterans' Affairs
Colonel William Light - Adelaide's founder and surveyor
- selection of the site for Adelaide. From Tour Adelaide

Colonel William Light
- diary entries explain the reason for selection of the site for Adelaide. From History South Australia

Colonel William Light
- biography and reasons for selection of site for Adelaide. From Flinders Ranges Research

Colonel William Light
- images and maps. From Trove

Convicts South Australia
Convicts and colonies
- links to resources collated by D & B Mann

Convict crimes
list of crimes committed by convicts transported to Australia

Convict escape attempts
list of ways that convicts tried to escape

Convict trail
- loooks at the Great North Road from Sydney built by convict labour

Convicts to Australia
- topics include: Convict ships - Timeline - Bound for WA - NSW women - Convict tales
. Created by Rob Nelson and Joan O'Donovan

Port Arthur people
- biographies of people from various walks of life in the Port Arthur convict settlement. From Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority

Port Arthur useful facts
- classroom resources on Port Arthur convict settlement.
From Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority

Adelaide 1865
- interactive panoramic view of colonial Adelaide. From History Trust of South Australia

Adelaide: a brief history
- information on Aboriginal Adelaide, Wakefield's scheme and Light's Plan. From History SA

Encounter 2002
- bicentenary of the meeting between Matthew Flinders and Nicolas Baudin. From National Library of Australia

Events in South Australia's history
- timeline of the period from settlement of the Colony to commencement of Responsible Government. Created by Robert D Blair

Establishment of South Australia
- people involved in the establishment of South Australia. From History South Australia

German settlers in South Australia
- history of the German settlement in South Australia. From Flinders Ranges Research

Holdfast database

- links to information on exploration and settlement of South Australia. From History South Australia, created by K. Crilley

Pioneer ships arrive in South Australia
- information on each ship, their arrival in South Australia and the conditions on board
. From History South Australia, created by K. Crilley

Plan of the City of Adelaide
- map: surveyed and drawn by Colonel Light 1837. From MAPCO

Proclamation Day
- description of the day and copy of the Proclamation read by Governor John Hindmarsh
. From City of Holdfast Bay

SA Memory
- gateway to South Australian history, heritage and culture. Resources from State Library od South Australia

Selecting the site for the South Australian colony
- information on surveyors before William light, the Wakefield Plan, selection of the site of Adelaide and the surveying of Adelaide. From Government of South Australia

Timeline of South Australia
- history of South Australia. From Wikipedia

Early settlement
British colonisation of Australia
- links to resources from Copacabana Public School, NSW

European and discovery and colonisation of Australia
- early explorers to Australia, First Fleet, contact with local indigenous people, colocny of New South Wales and establishment of other British colonies. From Australian Government

Treasure Explorer - early settlement
- topics: A convict uniform -- Bungaree portraits -- Captain John Hunter's sketchbook -- Jane Shore playbill -- Governor Arthur's 'Proclamation
' -- Joseph Lycett, convict artist. From National Library of Australia

Women in colonial times
- different groups of women in the colony including local indigenous women. From Australian Government