good books
General Spiders Teacher Resources
Butterflies Termites, Bees and Snails  

Bugs!: in 2D and 3D
- excellent photo gallery

-collection of images of ants, bees, wasps, lacewings, flies, true bugs, mantids, butterflies and moths, beetles, cicadas, hoppers and aphids, cockroaches, grasshoppers and crickets

- examines What is an invertebrate? and provides fact sheets and images

Garden creatures

- images and information on creatures found in the garden

Insect fact files
- links to 20 pages providing clear and easy to read facts about insects

Let's talk about insects Interactive
- an animated presentation about the nature of insects and their physical characteristics

Magic School Bus - Insects Interactive
- a game, video clip and quiz about insects

Make an insect mask
- cricket and butterfly mask

Minibeast links (Inter-Lace)
- topics include insects, spiders, amphibians, invertabrates

- information on bees, ladybugs, butterfly and ants. Includes a quiz

Monster bugs Interactive
- create a monster bug

The great bug hunt
- find the bugs hidden in the garden

The yuckiest site on the Internet
- find out about cockroaches and worms
in Roach World and Worm World

All about butterflies
- includes anatomy, classification, life cycle, information sheets, activities and printouts

The butterfly website
- butterfly articles, facts and image gallery

Moth or butterfly?
- compare a moth and a butterfly

Where have all the butterflies gone?
- butterflies from different habitats

Butterfly appearance
- a web based unit of work by Jackie Miers

Butterfly body parts
- a web based unit of work by Jackie Miers

The butterfly life cycle
- a web based unit of work by Jackie Miers

Spiders (Inter-Lace)
- links to spider websites

What spider is that?
- spiders around the home and garden of Queensland

How a spider makes a web Interactive
- animation with link to images and information about spiders

Steve's spiders pics
- photos of Australian spiders, including redbacks, golden orbs, daddy long legs, black wishbone and accompanied by descriptions

Spiders Enchanted learning
- links to simple crafts, nursery rhymes, coloring book printouts, information and quizzes

Fear of spiders webquest
- a web based unit of work looking at the physical characteristics of spiders, their webs, habits and enemies

SpiderRoom.info Interactive
- features Life cycles, Spider webs, Spider survival, Spider yarns and Spider species

Termites, Snails and Bees
All about snails
- facts about garden and pond snails

Termite Teamwork Interactive
- Enter the complex society of the termite and find out how each individual -- be it worker, solider, or queen -- is part of a team working toward a common goal

- Learn all about the daily life of a honeybee, from pollinating flowers to making and storing honey, by entering their elaborate home

Teachers' Resources
Using live insects in the classroom
- fact sheets, lesson plans and instructions for looking after insects in the classroom

An insect's perspective - a Webquest
- learners choose to research in groups one of the following: ant, bee, termite, cockroach