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Thinking Tools

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Glossary of terms An A-Z of thinking tools and strategies and models for learning. Describes: What it is – Why is it used – How it is used – Samples. Includes examples. Download as Word doc or PDF
Tools and strategies
Bloom's taxonomy A tool for categorising questions and activities according to six levels of thinking: remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating and creating Bloom's digital taxonomy
Bloom's - Kurwongbah School
Cause and effect A graphic organiser that links reasons with results. From Read-Write-Think Cause and effect template
Concept map A graphic organiser that " that begins with a central idea and proceeds to show related ideas as branches off of the center" (Lazear, 2003)
Concept map template
Concept map example
Bubbl.us concept map creator
Consequences chart A tool to look at possible solutions to a problem and the probable flow-on consequences of each solution. Used to assist in making a final decision. Consequence chart template
Consequence / Target wheel template - ClassTools
Consequence wheel example
De Bono's Six Thinking Hats Thinking tool to encourage lateral thinking Summary of the Six Thinking Hats - Tasmanian Curriculum
Six Thinking Hats links - Kurwongah School
Graphing A tool to communicate information visually Create a graph tool
Diamond ranking A tool to order items according to priority levels. From Global Education Diamond ranking template
Fishbone diagram A tool to identify cause and effect. A useful essay planning tool Fishbone diagram template
Example of Fishbone diagrams - ClassTools
Flow chart A sequential list of events that have happened, or might happen. From Global Education Flow chart template
Graphic organisers A tool that organises information in a visual form Graphic organiser grid
Graphic organisers for writing activities
K-W-L What I Know - What I Want to know - What I have Learned. From Pearson Education K-W-L template
Lotus diagram A tool to manage and categorise large amounts of information on topic. From Victorian Essential Learning Standards

Lotus diagram example and template

Mind map A graphic organiser is the "same as concept map except it primarily uses pictures, images, colours, designs and patterns to express concepts of ideas" (Lazear, 2003)
Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner's theory identifies 8 different intelligences Test your multiple intelligence online
Gardner's multiple intelligence - Kurwongah School
Note Taking A tool to organise notes under headings Note Taking template
PMI Plus - Minus - Interesting chart. Used to evaluate an issue. From Global Education
PMI chart template
Ranking Ladder Rank ideas in order of importance Ranking ladder template - Ontario Library Association
SWOT Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats. Used to analyse and justify SWOT chart template - Queensland Govt
SWOT analysis example & template - VELS
T Chart A tool to list ideas or issues supporting or refuting an argument Create T Chart template
T Chart template
Timeline A tool to select and summarize events over a defined period. Timeline template - ClassTools
Venn diagram A tool for finding similarities and differences Venn diagram template - Global Education
Venn diagram template - ClassTools
Y chart Used to brainstorm ideas based on what you see, feel and see
Helps to clarify concepts and ideas. From Global Education
Y chart template
Lazear, D 2003, Eight ways of teaching: The artistry of teaching with multiple intelligences, 4th edn, Pearson, Glenview Illinois.

Differentiating the Curriculum - Useful Links
Differentiated instruction in Wilmette Contents: What is differentiation? - How do teachers plan for differentiation? - What are some strategies for differentiated instruction? - Wjat does DI look like in the classroom? - What is important to keep in mind about DI? -
Curriculum differntiation - an overview of research A brief overview looking at: Learning environment - Content modification - Process modification - Product modification - Management strategies