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Years 8 & 9

The Years of Transition

Years 8 and 9 mark the transition from Primary to Secondary schooling. In these years, we provide a broad curriculum, using the Australian Curriculum, which leads to more specialisation and choice when students enter the senior years. At the same time, we continue our strong focus on literacy and numeracy, oral communication, research and information skills. The individual laptop program for all Years 4 to 12 students provides a gateway to engaging resources and increased competence using digital technology responsibly.

Group dynamics, peer interaction and personal growth are extremely important to Years 8 and 9 students. We encourage them to experience success, develop self-confidence and learn the social and personal skills which support their learning.

Welcome Year 8s

Year 8 Art -Botanic Gardens

Year 9 Science Lab

ReceYear 8 Camp

Reception Year 8 Camp Archery