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Sustainable Energy
General Fossil Fuels
About energy
- What is energy? -- Renewable or non-renewable energy -- Energy and the environment. From Origin Energy

Ecological footprint
- calculate you ecological footprint

Energy Ant activities
- information and activites on energy sources and uses sun

Energy Kid's page
- topics include: Energy facts -- Fun & games -- Energy history -- Classroom activities -- Glossary

Energy Home Interactive
- student challenges on topics: What is energy -- Using energy -- Wasting energy -- Saving Energy. Includes glossary.

Energy Quest Interactive
- discover new means of energy production and innovative ways to use less energy. Includes video

Kids Schoolhouse
- what is energy, where does energy come from, renewable energy and ways to save energy

FirstEnergy - Kid's Corner
- exploring energy - energy efficiency - glossary of energy terms

Energy story
- the tale of Fern Fossil

Fossil fuels
- energy resources - 30 day trial

Fossil fuels - EcoKids
- information and quiz

Learning about fossil fuels

- information and lessons on coal, oil and natural gas

Modern mining Videos
from Kentucky Coal Education

Non renewable energy links - Jackie Miers

Saving Energy Renewable energy
Be energy smart
ways you can save energy around the house. From Origin energy

Generation Green
- activities for students to find out about energy efficiency and what they can do to help.

- energy efficiency activities and games

Kids saving energy Interactive

- topics: energy smart home -- about renewable energy -- games

Lose you excuse
- activities and information to use energy wisely. From U.S. Department of Energy

Rufus' energy smart home
- ways to make a home energy efficient

Saving energy around the home
- tips to conserve water and energy



Clean energy
- fact sheets include: clean energy and energy efficiency -- wind energy -- solar photovoltaic power -- solar thermal energy --
solar water heating -- hydroelectricity -- bioenergy -- geothermal energy -- ocean power. From Clean Energy Council, Australia.

Comparisons of energy sources
- advantages and disadvantages of different energy sources

Energy basics
- What is renewable energy?

Ollie saves the planet
- information on fossil fuels, nuclear energy, hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, renewable energy sources, energy and waste, saving energy and facts and figures

Power for a sustainable future - Queensland

- what is energy -- sources of energy - using energy wisely -- fact & activity sheets

Renewable energy
- Energy Kid's Page

Renewable energy links - Jackie Miers

Solar energy
- disadvantages of sloar energy