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Co- Curricular
From The Principal

Acknowledgement of Country

From the Principal

Ms Paddy McEvoy

Dear Parents/Guardians, Friends & Students of SAC,

The inaugural SAC Colour Run was a resounding success last Monday. Sunny and 24 degrees, it was a perfect day for a walk to the racecourse, and the prospect of running around and getting showered in coloured paint seemed to appeal to students of all ages! Thanks to the many families who came out to encourage the girls on the day and, as always, thanks to the staff whose planning and facilitation make it all possible. Your generous donations mean that we will be contributing over $13,000 to works of mercy, including Catherine House, the Adelaide Day Centre and the Vinnie’s Women’s Crisis Centre. I would like to acknowledge Deputy Principal, Ms Jacqui Mcilroy, who has worked tirelessly for months to bring this new event together with careful attention to detail. It was a wonderful first, and undoubtedly won’t be the last.

💜💛💙💚❤️🧡 SAC's first ever Colour Run last week was a huge success! 💜💛💙💚❤️🧡
Thanks to the generosity of our community, we have raised $13,370 for Mercy Works initiatives!

Click here to watch a short reel of the day!
🎥 💜💛💙💚❤️🧡 🎥

Hair and makeup artists across Adelaide had a busy afternoon on Friday of Week 9, with our Year 11 and 12 students preparing for the Senior Formal. It was a fabulous night of dancing and photos, and most of all celebrating the friendships that have formed over the years. I don’t think that the dance floor has ever been quite so busy – obviously students enjoyed being able to contribute to the playlist. It was great to see five tables of staff enjoying the evening with the students, and it’s always a pleasure to see the staff up on the dancefloor when the DJ plays an ABBA number!

A group of adventurous students and staff are currently hiking along the Larapinta Trail. This is another first for SAC – when overseas travel was limited due to COVID, our Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator, Alan Brown, began exploring alternative experiences for students undertaking their Gold Dukes. This experience emerged as an excellent option and, as always, was embraced by staff and students. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible for our girls to take on such amazing challenges.

This year we have been able to celebrate the Holy Week liturgy and the Easter Mass together in Term 1. Holy Week marks the final, conflict-ridden days of Jesus’ life, his suffering, yet his trust in the Father’s love. We celebrate that death did not have the last word and that the power of God’s love does. Our sense of awe at the Easter mystery is a reminder of the wonder of God’s love in our lives at every moment. I hope that you and your families experienced that love alive in your homes and hearts at Easter.

The end of Term 1 marks 10 years since I returned to St Aloysius College as Principal. They have, without doubt, been the most professionally and personally rewarding years of my career. To come to work each day alongside staff who are devoted to helping children and young people to flourish through education is an absolute privilege. And to walk alongside families as their daughters grow into young women who are ready to take on the world has been a source of great joy. I am taking Long Service Leave for Term 2, which will provide me with an opportunity to step back and appreciate all the last decade has meant to me. I am grateful to Nick Tattoli, who will be Acting Principal in my absence, and to the rest of the Leadership Team who will ensure that the College continues to run smoothly.

Enjoy the holidays and I look forward to seeing you all again in Term 3.

Ms Paddy McEvoy



Three adventure filled days at Adare Camp, Victor Harbor

In Week 8 the Year 6 students enjoyed three adventure filled days at Adare Camp, Victor Harbor. Students participated in a variety of outdoor experiences including kayaking, mountain bike riding, body boarding and group challenges. We were blessed with beautiful weather and a fantastic group of students who demonstrated an impressive level of courage, enthusiasm, encouragement and inclusivity. Friendships were strengthened and new friendships forged. Most importantly, priceless memories were made, and FUN was had by all!


Easter: New Life, New Hope

MERCY LIGHT: Believing

It has been a very busy term at St Aloysius College, and the Easter break was a welcome opportunity to take time to reconnect with loved ones before the final week of term. Easter is the most important event in the Christian calendar, marking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection three days later. To commemorate the beginning of Holy Week, the whole school gathered for a profoundly moving Holy Thursday liturgy in the Undercroft. A small group of students performed a symbolic tableau to portray the events that led to Jesus' death. To close the ceremony, our choir delivered a beautiful rendition of the African-American spiritual, Were You There?

The liturgy gave our community a chance to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice, and also, on the experiences of people who are persecuted today. Today people are not crucified on a hill, no nails or crosses are used. But we see people crucified all around the world; people who have lost their freedom, people who are poor and people who are without love.

Through the gift of mercy, we are a community that takes action to do as Jesus did: support those in great need. This was recently demonstrated during the Colour Run, which raised thousands of dollars for Mercy Works, and through the generosity of families who contributed to our Easter Egg Appeal. Hundreds of Easter Eggs were distributed to clients at Catherine House, Centacare, Adelaide Day Centre and The Circle of Friends.

The Easter message is really one of hope. Hope that, in times of trial and uncertainty, we will be shown mercy, just as we show mercy to others.

This message was reiterated at our Easter Mass which was celebrated on Wednesday in Week 11. Father James McEvoy said, “Death is not the end of Jesus’ story. He lives forever in eternal love and His resurrection teaches us that His life of self-giving, healing and welcoming all people, especially the marginalised, is the clearest expression of God’s love in our world”.

We as a community, guided by our Mercy values, can spread this message of love to others all year round. We wish you a happy and safe holiday period and look forward to welcoming students back for Term 2.

Ms Maddie Kelly
JAM Coordinator


Year 1's PJ Party Time!

The Year 1 students celebrated a highlight of the year, PJ PARTY! After school, the cohort changed into their pyjamas to celebrate being together and making new connections through a shared experience. Together the girls did some sand craft along with some giant games. After pizza and ice blocks for dinner, everyone danced the night away at the disco!


Ancient Egypt guest speaker - Hamdy Hassan

Recently, 7MH and 7LS were fortunate to experience a presentation by Hamdy Hassan, History Teacher from Playford International College. Hamdy was born in Egypt and studied History in Cairo. He was an official tour guide at ancient Egyptian sites before migrating to Australia and training to become a teacher. Hamdy is a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter. As a teacher, what I particularly liked was the way that he encouraged the girls to analyse primary sources and think about the reasons behind the decisions made by ancient Egyptians. This helped them to see that people in ancient civilisations are just like us, in that there is always a reason for behaviour. With over 1400 Egyptian Gods this is an effective way for them to understand why people in varying areas worshipped different gods.

Students reflected:

"I really enjoyed his explanation on religion in ancient Egypt. Mr Hassan explained all the different things Egyptians worshipped such as crocodiles, cows and the sun. He talked about Pharaohs and mumification. An interesting fact I learned was that pyramids for the dead are all on the western side of the Nile, as this is where the sun set." Christina, 7MH

"Today we learnt about the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. He taught us a strategy about how to tell why they worshipped those gods. I enjoyed this because it was the thing I found most interesting about Egypt." Chiderah, 7MH

"The Kahoot at the end was really fun and helped me test my listening skills and the knowledge I remembered. Mr Hassan was very nice and inclusive, and I hope he comes again." Alyssa, 7MH

"I learnt how and why they put the dead on one side of the Nile and the living on the other. I learnt a lot about Egyptian religion and gods. The words and facts timeline and images were all interesting. I liked how many photographs there were. I appreciate Mr Hassan coming in." Eva, 7MH

"I became more knowledgeable about Ancient Egypt’s religion and about their religious beliefs." Asna, 7MH

Ms Louise Umehara
HASS Teacher


Year 3's Wonderful Easter Gesture!

Students in Year 3 were delighted to gift beautiful artworks to Calvary Hospital representatives to be used as placemats for lunch trays during Easter. It was lovely to see the students getting involved in this activity, creating over 160 placemats for the patients. We hope the recipients enjoyed these unique creations!

“It was calming and fun painting the placements for the people in the hospital. I loved it and thought it was such a nice thing to do.” Grace Loechel, 3ID

“I enjoyed making the placemats for other people to enjoy and make them happy. I hope it brightened their day.” Allie Hassam, 3ID

“I liked how calming it was to paint the placemat. All the colours were warm and it felt nice. I hope that the people who used my placemat are feeling better.” Isabelle Nelson, 3RM

“The placemat looked really pretty and I liked that it was made to help someone’s day be better. I hope they liked it.” Isabella Parra-Cardenas, 3RM


Colour mixing, shape shadow and brush strokes in HASS!

Year 3 students participated in a guided painting session run by an old scholar in the Art room. Linking to the Year 3’s current HASS learning on Indigenous Connection to Country, students painted Uluru using acrylic paint on canvas. Students learned about colour mixing, shape, shadow and brush stroke technique to create their finished product. Thank you to Nina for sharing her expertise with the Year 3 students.

Students Reflected:

“We painted the largest natural rock in the world and used earthy colours.” Mia Adol

“I liked how we did the shadows on the rock and the highlights to make it look realistic.” Alessia D’Annunzio


Come From Away

Our very lucky Year 11-12 Drama and Music students, including staff, we're fortunate enough to see the amazing musical Come From Away. This show tells the remarkable true story of thousands of stranded passengers and the small town in Newfoundland, Canada that welcomed them all.  Cultures clashed and nerves ran high, but uneasiness turned into trust, music soared into the night, and gratitude grew into enduring friendships. The cast and crew received a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience, and everyone seemed to enjoy this uplighting and emotional musical. Some student comments are below:

Mr Tom Coultas
Drama Coordinator
(on behalf of the Drama and Music staff)

Students Commented on the experience:

The vocals, were magnificent the band was so inspiring, the timing with the comedy was perfect the acting, the comic timing was perfect.” Clare, Year 12 student

Absolutely fabulous – highly recommended.” Teyah, Year 12 student

It was incredible, best musical I have ever seenRachel, Year 12 student

It was absolutely brilliant, and their creativity inspired me.” Charlie, Year 11 student

That was insane…Amazing.” Brigid, Year 11 student

“That was phenomenal, so good!” Angelica, Year 12 student

"The lighting, revolving set and staging was incredible, the casting was amazing.” Amelie, Year 12 student


From the Primary Sport Coordinator

Ms Sarah Anderson
Primary Sport Coordinator

Term 1 Primary Sport – Full Time

What a busy term it has been. Many opportunities on offer and great fun and development was had in Primary Sport at St Aloysius.

We had teams playing basketball at Wayville on Wednesdays after school. This competition is a challenging one, it is made up of teams that are predominantly club players which makes it difficult for beginners, but our girls, to their credit, stuck it out and always put in their best effort to compete. The Year 6 team, who had some experienced players, saw scoreboard success going through the term undefeated. The Year 5 team was made up of players who were new to the sport and in a tough 5/6 competition they worked hard to improve throughout the term. Both Year 3/4 teams had a great start to their basketball careers at SAC with some scoreboard success as well as developing game knowledge and skills along the way.

A big thank you to Ms Jo Szegedi and Ms Vashti Casserly-Lund for their basketball expertise. Jo ended up attending all matches and training to impart her excellent knowledge to both our student coaches and players. Vashti was at every training session refereeing and supporting both coaches and players alike. Well done to our student coaches who listened to feedback to improve their own coaching knowledge, SAC sport could not run without the help of these secondary students.

Meanwhile Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 students were involved in Come 'n' Try Clinics. Receptions had fun getting a taste of many different sports through a fundamental movement program run by Ready Steady Go. Year 1s were introduced to basic cricket skills, while Year 2s learnt some basketball skills in readiness for Year 3 basketball. Thank you to our house captains who supported the facilitators of the Come 'n' Try sessions, it is great to have so many older students involved that the junior primaries can look up to.

At lunch times, Year 3-5 students participated in lunch time lacrosse with Ruby who always makes learning fun and purposeful. Many students are ready and are going to give lacrosse a go more competitively in Terms 2/3 on Saturday mornings.

Upper primary students were given the opportunity to learn about Water Polo through Thursday night clinics run by Layla and Capri from Year 11 and 9 respectively. Students learnt a lot over the six weekly sessions as Layla and Capri delivered a program that gave students an excellent introduction to the skills involved and the game of Water Polo.

Year 6 students also had the chance to participate in Fitness sessions at lunch times this term. It was great to see so many students registering for this new activity on offer to get up and moving during break times.

In Week 5, interested Year 5/6 students were introduced to the game of softball in a day long clinic that took place at East Torrens Baseball Club. As a result we had students try out for the East Adelaide District SAPSASA Softball team. Not only were they successful in making the team, but they helped their team to win the division 2 championship that took place in Week 10. Well done girls!!

In Week 8, Year 3 students were involved in a FIFA Women’s world cup clinic. They learnt many new skills from Football Australia coaches, (even the Matildas' assistant coach was there!), and they had a lot of fun too.

In Week 9, we had a SACPSSA (Catholic Schools) Swimming Carnival and a SAPSASA Swimming Carnival where many students tried out to be a part of the team. All girls participated to the best of their ability and showed true fighting spirit in never giving up.

Also in Week 9, SANFL coaches facilitated free Auskick clinics for our Year 1 and 2 students. They were introduced to the skills of the sport through game play and fun activities.

As you have read, there has been a lot going on in Primary Sport this term. It is great to see so many students getting involved and keen to represent St Aloysius in the world of sport. A huge thank you to all of the teachers who have supervised primary sport in some capacity this term, if it were not for them, primary sport would not be able to go ahead.

Looking forward to seeing what Term 2 brings!!

Ms Sarah Anderson                                                                                                                                                                                  
Primary Sport Coordinator

Primary Sport Spotlight!

A huge congratulations to Year 6 student Maia, for winning the first South Australian medal of the 2023 Chemist Warehouse Australian Junior Track and Field Championships!
Maia has won GOLD in the U13 Women's 800m, with a speedy time of 2:20.52. An outstanding achievement!


From the Secondary Sport Coordinator

Ms Meg Henderson
Secondary Sport Coordinator

Term 1 Sport Wrap Up!

It has been an exciting and successful summer for our SAC volleyball, basketball, touch football and water polo teams! Each year, our teams / participants continue to grow, and it is so great to see the dedication and commitment our girls have to their chosen sport. The secondary sport competitions would not run without the support of old scholar and staff coaches, supervising teachers and parents – so thank you for your efforts this term.

Premiership teams will be recognised at the end of year assembly and awarded with a trophy.

Our dance and fitness groups also wrapped up their sessions this week. Here’s what Grace Kennedy (9CW) had to say about her dance experience this term. “I enjoyed dance in term one because Emma our teacher is really fun and comes up with fun combos. Dance has been a great opportunity to learn new skills and help others as well as talking to people I wouldn’t normally talk to.”

Throwback to some great sport memories in Term 1!

Winter Sport is Coming!

Thank you to families who have nominated their daughters for term 2/3 sport. Teams have been entered to SACSSGSA for division/venue allocation and coaches are being assigned.

Team lists, training schedules and info packs will be uploaded to the term 2/3 sport portal by first week of holidays. Draws will likely be released by SACSSGSA in week 1, term 2. Reminder emails will be sent out as this information is released but be sure to frequently check the portal.

If you are a parent or old scholar who is interested in volunteering to coach a winter team, please contact [email protected]. *WWC & Catholic Archdiocese Screening is required*

Knockout / Interschool Sport

A group of 37 students were selected to represent St Aloysius College in the 2023 Catholic Girls Schools Athletics Carnival at Bridgestone Athletics Centre last Thursday. This event highlights the many talented students who excel in Athletics, and selections are made based off the previous year’s SAC Athletics Carnival results.

This year, both A & B grade divisions were merged, with a total of nine schools competing. St Aloysius College had very consistent results, placing 5th in the junior open, open, senior open, U13, U14 and U15 events. In the U/20 age category, SAC placed 2nd behind St Ignatius by only 26 points! Overall, SAC finished 5th.

I would like to congratulate the following students for placing 1st in their respective events:

  • Nateisha Bruno – U/20 Shot Put (B)
  • Elli Pusonjic – U/20 Discus (A)
  • Elli Pusonjic – U/20 Triple Jump (B)
  • Ellu Pusonjic – U/20 Javelin (A)
  • India Bament-Sitkowski – U/20 High Jump (B)
  • Amy Peterson – U/20 Triple Jump (A)
  • Amy Peterson – U/20 High Jump (A)
  • Macy Philpott – U/16 High Jump (A)

Sporting Spotlight!

In more exciting swimming news, Lucinda Lugg (8MH), Diana Rezaei (8MH) and Claire Borgmeyer (10MB) all qualified for the National Age Swimming Championships, which are currently being held on the Gold Coast.
We wish all three of the girls the best of luck for the last couple of days of Nationals and will be cheering them on from afar!

Congratulations to Lucinda who achieved the following:

  • In the 4x50m freestyle girls 13-14, achieved a 1:57:24 PB for the team, improving their ranking to 43rd
  • Swam a PB in 13yr girls 50m Butterfly 32:07
  • Placed 116 overall out of 143 starters.
  • 100m breaststroke 13yr girls' event she swam another PB 1:22:45 placed 46 out of 60 starters..

Congratulations to Claire who achieved the following:

  • Finished 11th in 100m Breast with 10th fastest overall - finished first in the B final
  • Made the 50m Breast A final (10th place) and finished 8th overall in the final.
  • Placed 6th in the 4x50m medley relay out of 39 teams which was an awesome result for the club.
  • Placed 23rd out of 39 competitors in the 200m Breast
  • Claimed 33 points for Immanuel Piranhas club plus points for the medley relay

Ms Meg Henderson
Secondary Sport Coordinator


The Return of Overseas Visitors to St Aloysius

A highlight of Term 1 has been the return of overseas visitors to St Aloysius on study tours. Over the last month the SAC community has been joined by three groups of Japanese students.  Every year during the northern hemisphere summer vacation, it has become a tradition for students, principally from Japan to venture abroad. Australia is a favourite destination and Adelaide has become one of the Australian cities to which overseas Study Tour students are attracted. After a few quiet years it has been wonderful to welcome these students and it has been great to see the friendships and intercultural understanding that has been fostered.

The largest group to join us were 24 students from St Capitanio high school in Japan.  Students from St Capitanio have been visiting SAC every year for over 20 years and were the first overseas group we welcomed back last year. This enthusiastic and confident group of young women were immersed in lessons ranging from Art and Drama to Science and PE. They were ably assisted in their integration by their buddies who were happy to share their recess, lunchtime, and lessons to make friends. Buddies discovered many things about Japan while helping the St Capitanio girls to improve their English and enjoy a taste of Australian school life. The St Capitanio girls also spent some time in the Primary School. It is always exciting for our Primary students to welcome students from Japan and the many activities such as mask making organised by the Primary teachers were greatly appreciated by our guests. Another highlight of the tour were the farewell events, the Year 10 Farewell Assembly, afternoon tea and the beautiful farewell ceremony in which the St Capitanio students delighted us wearing their beautiful yakata kimonos.

In Weeks 7 and 8 we welcomed students from Kogakuin Junior High School from the Yamanashi province in Japan. Their home is very mountainous (two hours west of Tokyo near Nagano, where the 1998 Winter Olympics was held). For four days five students joined the Year 8 classes and for six days one student joined 10MB. Our final study tour group joined us in Weeks 8 and 9, nine students from Mejiro Kenshin high school joined 9CW, 9DT and 9SM for two days. There has been much laughter as our Japanese visitors enjoyed getting to know their Australian classmates and learnt about Australian school life and culture.

During their time with us our guests have been supported by their SAC buddies. After completing a training session designed to build the students understanding of the challenges our guests face and strategies to support them the study tour buddies have enthusiastically tackled their role. Guiding them around their new school environment and helping them with their class work. The buddies did a wonderful job, performing their role with enthusiasm and commitment.

The Study Tours have been a wonderful opportunity for both the St Aloysius students and our guests. Strong friendships have developed, and an understanding and appreciation of our countries has been fostered. The success of these experiences is very much due to the warmth and enthusiasm of the buddies, classmates and teachers involved.

Ms Michelle Barratt
Study Tour Coordinator


Reflecting on the visit of the St Capitanio Girls High School Study Tour to the English Language School of Australia (ELSA) Adelaide, Written by host:  Angelika Eigenwillig

Having been a Host Mum since 2012 of the St Capitanio High School Girls, I was asked to share my experiences.  Each student is different and individual so it takes a day or two to adjust to each other and bond. I still have contact with a couple of students and treasure our friendship. One student even returned to Adelaide to reminisce and came to visit, and when my son went to Japan with his partner she took time off work to show them around Tokyo.

Each year (except for 2022) in February we welcome students from St Capitanio Girls High School, Japan, to take part in their English Studies in Adelaide.

Each host family is allocated just one student, so the temptation to speak Japanese is omitted.  On the first day the students are apprehensive about how they will fit in with the Host Family and vice versa.  The Australian Culture is quite different to Japan as is the food and customs. However, in the end, with the reassurance of the host family that this is their home for the next 7 weeks, they all settle in well.

For the first 4 weeks, the students study English at ELSA during the morning followed by an outing to various venues in Adelaide e.g. Botanical Gardens, Museum and Art Gallery, Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide Central Market, Migration Museum, a visit to Adelaide University, a bush walk at Morialta Conservation Park as well as taking the tram to Glenelg Beach. They also had a bus excursion to Victor Harbor, which included a walk across the causeway to Granite Island where they observed the historic Horse Drawn Tram. The Tramway commenced operation in 1894 and is one of two remaining in the world that operate a daily service. Going to Marion Aquatic Centre was also fun. Getting to hold and be photographed with a Koala at Gorge Wildlife Park always creates everlasting memories.  

During the 4th week the students are introduced to their Buddies who help them integrate into the ‘Real Class Room’ at their relevant host school.   Weekends were left for the girls to Relax with the Host Family.  

Many questions are asked and one of the first is always: “Will I see a real Kangaroo / Koala in the wild?” We were lucky because on our first walk around Hope Valley Reservoir we observed a mob of kangaroos grazing under the trees. Then on our walk back home we saw a Koala in a gum tree. Wow - My prayers were answered and my student was overjoyed!

Weekends are time to relax with Host Family? No way! We went on on hikes, did a little more sightseeing e.g. Mt. Lofty, Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens, Waterfall Gully, Port Adelaide, Semaphore Beach, Beerenberg in Hahndorf for strawberry picking as well as fig picking at Glen Ewin Estate, Lower Hermitage, and as the Fringe was on we even went and saw a Japanese Magic Show at the Garden of Unearthly Delights.  Having family living in Pt Willunga meant a drive to Aldinga for lunch, then a walk on the beach at Pt Willunga.  A trip through the hills to Mt Barker with the VW Volks Enthusiasts Club, of which I am a member, for a picnic lunch at Flaxley Reserve followed by a private tour through The Steam Ranger Headquarters. There we had a 1 ½ hour private tour of the Steam Engines/Trains that were being refurbished by volunteers. 

The St Capitanio Farewell Ceremony was held on Friday 31st March 2023 at St Aloysius College, McAuley Auditorium to which we, the Host Families were invited.  The girls looked beautiful in their traditional dress and we were entertained with their songs and presentation of their certificates. Photos were taken and hugs were shared with their buddies. Another 7 weeks Study Tour has come to an end.

Each student had their special time with their Host Family and no doubt will share their experiences with each other and their own families in Japan.

We live in a beautiful State and have so much to share.

The 1st April was a sad day when the girls all met at Adelaide Airport at 7:00am. Tears were shed and hugs were shared.  Another year has passed.


From the Uniform Shop

Our full range is available on the SAC Online Shop for you to purchase anytime.

To make an appointment for the school holidays only

please click here

Secondhand Uniforms

We currently have a huge range of secondhand uniforms available instore. Get in quick before it disappears!

St Aloysius College is proud to only work with suppliers who adhere to the Modern Slavery Act (anti-slavery), ensuring only ethical and sustainable products are available to purchase. We strive to recycle textiles where possible in order to reduce land fill.


From the Careers Department

Ms Julie Stephenson
Careers & VET Coordinator

Work Experience Reflection

"Attending the Defence Work Experience Placement at RAAF Edinburgh last week was a great opportunity. It broadened my understanding about the many different careers within the Air Force and about the military lifestyle.

The placement went for 4 days, as we explored a range of areas from Physical Recruitment Training (PT), Leadership activities, Defence Science and Technology Group, The P8A Aircraft, P3 Flight Simulator, Air traffic Control, Aircraft Life support, Air movements, Air intelligence Analysts, Motor Mechanics and Diesel Mechanics, Combat Communication, the Medical Centre, Engineering Squadron – Aeronautical, Electronic and Arment Engineers, Bomb disposal robots and the Remote Sensor Unit.

My highlights were the P3 Flight Simulator, boarding the P8A aircraft and the Aircraft Life support survival activity. Undergoing the placement was a great experience as now it has given me an insight into my career path and tailoring my subject selections for Years 11 and 12."

Lucie Calabro
Year 10 Student

ICHM Discovery Day

ICHM Discovery Days aim to get students thinking differently about their post school studies and career development, covering a range of exciting topics including international business and tourism, luxury hotel design and hospitality career opportunities.

Students who are currently in Year 10-12 and are interested in business, hotel management and the hospitality industry.

You may select one of the following days for attendance:

  • Thursday 13th April 2023
  • Wednesday 24th May 2023
  • Thursday 15th June 2023
  • Thursday 6th July 2023
  • Thursday 31st August 2023

Time: 9.30 am – 2 pm

Location: Start at ICHM Campus on 131-139 Currie Street, followed by tour of a hotel and lunch

Costs: Free!

What to wear: School Uniform

Includes: Interactive sessions with ICHM Lecturers, Tour of Adelaide Hotel & Lunch

Register at:

Bond University Virtual Open Day

Students and families are invited to experience Bond's deliberately different approach to learning at their 2-hour Virtual Open Day broadcast, streaming to you live on Saturday, 29 April from 2pm AEST. From tours of their beautiful campus to deep dives into their study areas, interviews with current students and academics, and so much more, Virtual Open Day is an all-access pass to life and study at Bond University.

Please register to attend, it’s the perfect opportunity to experience the Bond difference Virtual Open Day - 29 April | Bond University | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


A Time of Meaningful Discovery and History

Over the last two weeks, students from Year 10 have had the opportunity to visit the Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Andrew Steiner Education Centre as part of their studies in History. Over the course of Term 1, students have been learning about the Holocaust as part of their unit on the course of World War II. At the museum, students heard survivor stories, looked at artefacts, and engaged in deep discussions about the ideologies and perspectives that existed during the war and still today. The students also discovered how this history connects with us as people living in South Australia. Students in 10DW were privileged to also meet with Holocaust survivor Andrew Steiner and ask him personal questions about his experiences living in Hungary when the war began. All students had a meaningful and overwhelmingly positive experience at the museum and have been engaging in reflective discussions during their lessons.

Year 10 History Teachers


“The three things that I learnt throughout my visit to the Holocaust Museum are the distinct Holocaust survivor stories that were shared, Kindertransport and its purpose during the Holocaust and the experiences of Andrew Steiner, a Hungarian Holocaust survivor. We explored the museum with the assistance and guidance of Tamas and Nick, who helped us discover new things about the Holocaust and its various themes. My friend, Kim and I focused on the Holocaust survivor story of Garry Rogers, who had experienced Kristallnacht or the Night of the Broken Glass and he was taken to Britain through the Kindertransport on the accord of his parents. It is important to hear stories form survivors like Andrew Steiner so that we can understand the Holocaust profoundly and it gives an insight into the events of the Holocaust through their reflections. We need to continue learning about historical atrocities such as the Holocaust to understand the impact of history on today’s society. The Holocaust helps us understand the various concepts and aspects of fascism, antisemitism, resistance, propaganda and genocide.” Harnaaz Dhillon, Year 10 student

What is the important of hearing stories from survivors like Andrew Steiner?

"Individual stories of the survivors of the Holocaust aid in broadening our view on the Holocaust. From attempting to escape and removing his yellow star (Jewish badge) like Andrew Steiner, to being sent to Auschwitz like Fred Steiner, each survivor has a significant story to how they had escaped. Whether they went into hiding for as long as they could hold up for, or escape abroad, these survivors had escaped a historical genocide some at the age of 12." Celina Nguyen, Year 11 Student

Why do we need to keep learning about historical atrocities such as the Holocaust?

"Historical atrocities such as the Holocaust are key events to reflect on the antisemitism of Nazi Germany. The knowledge that comes from the study of the Holocaust provides us about the systematic genocide that was set in motion by Hitler. This mass killing of Jews had completely wiped their population. This educates the young generation in the horrific tragedies inflicted by humans, and this will help with preventing any major problems from uprising in the future, or at least try.” Celina Nguyen, Year 11 Student


"Built Worlds" at the Jam Factory Craft and Design Centre

Year 8 Students visited the Jam Factory Craft and Design centre in the past few weeks. Students viewed ceramic exhibition "Built Worlds" to gain inspiration for their own ceramic work and were given a guided tour behind the scenes to see glass blowing, jewelry making and the clay studio in action. Students were amazed and inspired to see such a dynamic, creative place in action.

Ms Phoebe Koch
Art Teacher


2022 SACE Art Show

Recently our Year 10 and 12 students visited the 2023 SACE Art Show held at the Light Square Gallery at the Centre for Arts. Students were both amazed and inspired viewing final artworks and folios made by last year’s Year 12 Art and Design students. Congratulations to our 2022 graduates Amelia Milburn, Sienna Dichiera and Sophia Smith whose creations featured in this space.


From the Deputy Principal (Administration)

Mr Nick Tattoli
Deputy Principal (Administration)

Accessing Academic Reports on SEQTA Engage

Mid-Semester One Reports for Reception to Year 12 students will be released on SEQTA Engage after 1pm on Friday 14 April. There are 3 simple steps to access school reports:

Step 1: Click on Reports

Step 2: Click on Student Name

Step 3: Click on Semester Report

If you are a parent or caregiver and have not yet accessed SEQTA Engage, please visit our website for access to the portal and User and Login Guides:


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