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From The Principal

Acknowledgement of Country

From the Principal

Ms Paddy McEvoy

Dear Parents/Guardians, Friends & Students of SAC,

Term 2 started with a festival of colour in the shape of the SAC Colour Run last Thursday. The weather was perfect, and students and their families participated with their usual generosity. We raised over $14 000, and these funds will be greatly appreciated by the services in our community that support people experiencing homelessness – the Adelaide Day Centre, Catherine House and the Vinnies Women’s Shelter. Thanks once again to Ms Jacqui Mcilroy, Deputy Principal, and the team who helped her make the day such a success.

In the recent school holidays, Doreen Maiello and I flew to Tokyo to visit a number of schools that have been sending students to SAC for many years. It was a joy to be reunited with some of our recent study tour students. They were clearly excited to see us and, in some cases, asked us to ferry back cards and gifts for their study tour buddies here in Adelaide. Getting to know how our Japanese sister schools work will help us to ensure that future students will feel welcome and at home here.

Travel was definitely on the agenda for our Languages Department in this holiday period, with trips to Italy and Indonesia returning on the weekend before school began. I am often asked how SAC manages to sustain such strong enrolments in Languages, with Chinese, French, Indonesian and Italian offered to Stage 2 (Year 12) level. Study tours and exchanges are definitely factors in student engagement, but more broadly, the cultural diversity of our enrolments highlights for students how language learning can build understanding and relationships. These factors, along with the essential ingredient of passionate teachers who love their subject, are key to student engagement and success.

The Music Department was thrilled with their performances at the recent Generations in Jazz festival in Mount Gambier. Catch 22, our senior vocal ensemble directed by Jo Tropeano, was awarded first place in Div 3 Large – I think we may have heard them celebrating the announcement here in Adelaide! The Stage Band, directed by Steph Neale, also performed well, placing 5th in Div 4. Sara Boksmati was selected as pianist for the Superband, which is a great recognition of her skills and leadership. Thanks to all the staff and families who supported the students to be part of this memorable trip.

Excitement is growing about the development of the new Dunlevie building. Primary staff collaborated with architects from Grieve Gillett Andersen and Hayball on our student-free day last week. Draft plans were presented and teachers reflected on how these plans met the requirements of students using the space. The layout of learning spaces will promote collaboration and connection and staff were excited by the amazing learning experiences that will be possible in this new building, as well as in the rooftop garden.

Learning Reviews for Semester 2 began this week with a new location in the Jordan Building. Many families appreciate the opportunity to discuss their daughter’s progress, keeping student voice at the centre of the conversation. We know that high quality feedback is essential to improving learning outcomes, and taking time to understand what is working well and what could be even better is valuable. The reviews will continue next Monday and we look forward to welcoming many more families to the College.

Ms Paddy McEvoy


Hospitality and Courage Create a Home Away from Home

Mercy Light: Connecting

Cultural richness and diversity bring many benefits to learning communities like St Aloysius College. Exposure to different customs, traditions, arts and foods helps young people to think and imagine far beyond the classroom walls and develop a sense of curiosity.

Study Tour and Cultural Immersion opportunities are offered to students in senior years, enabling them to travel the extra mile and explore some of the world’s most unique and enduring societies.

These global experiences are facilitated by teams of staff with a range of expertise, and all equipped with equal passion for the countries they guide students through. Within the last year, SAC students and staff have stood beneath the spire of the Eiffel Tower in France, listened to the peal of church bells on the streets of Rome, and enjoyed moments of quiet contemplation inside the world’s largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur, in Indonesia.

Ms Jane Mahar coordinates Languages, International Study Tours and Exchanges at SAC, and has recently led Cultural Immersions and Study Tours to France and Italy. A fluent speaker and teacher of both languages, Jane has travelled to both countries with students many times throughout her teaching career, enabling them to experience a blend of tourist activities, and everyday living with members of the local community.

Chelsi in Year 12 has been studying Italian for almost 13 years, and says that a highlight was seeing Pope Francis in Rome, something she, “had never dreamed,” she would do.  

Chelsi also says, "I was excited to experience a family farm-stay in Umbria. We felt so welcomed and at home and I really enjoyed the cooking we did there. I enjoyed speaking with the family in Italian. It was a special opportunity and an adventure like no other."

Umbria is known as the Green Heart of Italy because of its lush, rolling landscape in the country. This experience of staying with an Italian family on their property gave students reprieve from the business of the major cities and time to bond and reflect.

“The scenery was amazing!” says Scarlett in Year 11. “I've always been one to admire the little things in life, the trees, sunlight, colours, the sound of water in the stream, everything! Being in such beauty all the time made me realise how lucky I am to be born, and how lucky I am to be me.”

Ms Mahar, and her co-leaders, Ms Nicoletta Romanelli and Ms Rosa Frezza, agree that one of the most rewarding parts of their time in Italy was seeing the growth and maturation of students.

“They’ve engaged in life beyond Adelaide,” Ms Frezza says, “and stepping outside of your comfort zone takes courage.”

Courage is of course one of SAC’s core values. Ms Julie Barletta, Ms Demi Williams and Ms Jo Tapp recently returned from Indonesia with a number of students, and they echo these sentiments. Ms Barletta has observed that, when students arrive in Indonesia, they are usually, “a bit challenged by what they see,” as it is still a developing country, but that, “the hospitality of the people, their humility and kindness towards us,” are the essence of a life-changing cultural experience.

Alana in Year 11 was eager to participate in the Indonesia Study Tour, having learnt the language for one year and appreciating that the country is a close neighbour to Australia. Alana says that, as a result of her time there, she, “appreciates the culture and the language so much more having met and interacted with Indonesian people firsthand.”

Empathy is the invaluable gift of cultural exchange; a gift that keeps giving.

“Still being young, students may not realise the impact immediately, but experiences like this plant a seed for when they are older,” shares Ms Frezza. “I was speaking to students in the school yard and one said, “you know, Signora, I realise now how fortunate we are and how special ‘home’ is.”

Learning languages can open doors for students beyond school – in fact, Ms Williams, who co-led this year’s tour to Indonesia, was taught by Ms Barletta while she was an SAC student.

“When I was a student, Ms Barletta helped to ignite my love of languages, and I wanted to do that for young people too. Now, as a Languages teacher, I can help students to understand that it is a key to unlocking doors of understanding,” Ms Williams shares.

Cultural Immersions and Study Tours are open to students in older year levels, but through engaging with Languages studies in primary years, younger students can look forward to these opportunities in the future.

Ms Maddie Kelly
Marketing & Communications Team


A burst of vibrancy at the SAC Colour Fun Run!

We are thrilled to announce that our Colour Fun Run has raised ⭐️ $14,549 ⭐️ for services in our community including Catherine House, Vinnies Women’s Crisis Centre and Sister Janet Mead’s Adelaide Day Centre. These funds will directly support some of our community’s most vulnerable people, including women and families affected by violence and abuse. This generosity shown by our SAC community to those most in need, especially at this time, is phenomenal. This is Mercy in action.

Click here to watch a short video and enjoy some snapshots of the most colourful day of our year!


From the Science Coordinator

Ms Linda Kitto
Science Coordinator

Embarking on Discovery - Year 12 Biology students attend a workshop at Flinders University

At the end of Term 1 our Year 12 Biology students had the opportunity to investigate some of the techniques used in Forensic Biology. Students used a technique called gel electrophoresis to create a DNA fingerprint that could be used to identify victims and suspects. It was a great opportunity to work in the science labs at Flinders University and meet and talk to university students currently studying Forensic Science.

South Australian Space Camp

In the school holidays Year 10 student Luisa was selected to attend the South Australian Space Camp. This is an experience aimed at providing a stimulating and rewarding educational experience for the most intelligent and talented of our Year 10 students in South Australia, to focus them on a career in science or engineering.

Luisa reflected: "Many highlights range from the Mars simulation that involved working in mission control and as an astronaut to launching rockets, all whilst making new friends."


Exciting STEM learning opportunity for Year 9 and 10 students

The Science Experience is a fun 1, 2 or 3 days of science activities for Year 9 and 10 students in 2024

Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work.

The program takes place in over thirty universities and tertiary institutions across Australia, within many different laboratories and lecture theatres. Participants perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution. 

The program also provides information about further studies in science, technology and engineering. It highlights the wide range of careers that allow students to pursue their interest and abilities in the sciences.

The full cost for a student to participate in the Science Experience is 

  • 1 day program - $75
  • 2 day program - $150
  • 3 day program - $210

Please note that Rotary clubs are often willing to sponsor students. Contact your nearest club to find out more.

Flinders University, Adelaide University and University SA (Mawson lakes) will be running 1-3 day programs at the end of November to first week of December. Places are limited therefore early registration is recommended.

To find out more and register for this event go to the following link: The Science Experience

Ms Linda Kitto
Science Coordinator


From the Music Department

Ms Fiona Turner
Music | Instrumental Program & Curriculum Extension Coordinator

2024 Generations in Jazz festival

The crisp notes of the brass, the rhythmic beat of drums, and the soulful melodies of saxophones filled the air last weekend at the 2024 Generations in Jazz festival. Held in Mount Gambier, the event brought together talented student musicians, seasoned professionals, and jazz enthusiasts from all corners of the country.

The SAC Stage Band and Catch 22 made the journey to Mt Gambier and spent the weekend immersed in all things jazz. As well as performing, the students were able to catch other school performances, participate in the Sunday morning workshops, and hear some amazing professional musicians, including Kate Cebrano, Budjerah and the Hot Potato Band, at the evening concerts.

Congratulations to both SAC ensembles, who performed superbly in their divisions. Catch 22, led by Jo Tropeano, placed first in Division 3 Large and the Stage Band, led by Steph Neale, placed fifth in Division 4.2, and were the highest ranked South Australian school in their section. In addition, Sara (Year 12) was selected as pianist for the Division 4 Superband.

Between performances, students had the chance to explore the natural wonders of the region including the Blue Lake, nestled within an extinct volcanic crater, and the Umpherston Sinkhole, a sunken garden formed by the collapse of a limestone cave.

Generations in Jazz isn’t just about competition; it’s also a valuable learning experience and a celebration of passion, camaraderie, and the universal language of music. The most valuable things about the weekend include the connections formed between young musicians, sharing their passion for the arts, and being inspired by the exceptional standard of music presented by both other schools and professional artists.

Congratulations again to the talented musicians, whose hard work was evident in their performances, and thanks to the Music staff and supportive families who made this weekend possible.

Nunyara 74th Anniversary Celebrations

At the end of Term 1, the String Trio provided music to accompany an afternoon tea celebrating Nunyara Conference Centre’s 75th anniversary. SAC has a long association with Nunyara, with many school camps, including the annual Music Camp, enjoyed on their grounds. It was wonderful to be part of the celebrations for such a great venue.


In a ceremony held on Saturday 6 April in Elder Hall at the University of Adelaide, Year 7 students Serena and Alina were presented with the Certificate of Performance in Piano for Leisure at the AMEB SA & NT Awards Ceremony for 2023 Candidates. At the same ceremony, SAC Old Scholar Emily Crocker was also presented with the Certificate of Performance in Violin. The award was presented by Professor Jennie Shaw, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic).

These are outstanding accomplishments, and we congratulate Alina, Serena and Emily on their achievements.

Ms Fiona Turner
Music | Instrumental Program & Curriculum Extension Coordinator


Year 5 Camp 2024

From canoeing to archery, students challenged themselves and had a wonderful time at Mylor Adventure Camp

Year 5 students reflected:

The Year 5’s were all excited and nervous. The day had finally come, and we were going to camp! We had been talking about it for weeks, we were all so happy to spend one night with our friends and have fun. We went to Mylor on March 27th and 28th. The trip was a 30-minute drive from school to Mylor. When we were on the bus, we saw lots of wildlife and nature and it was very beautiful to see. We went to Mylor Adventure camp, and we got challenged in loads of ways. Did you know that the Onkaparinga River (It went through the Mylor camp) is 30% of our tap water at home? As a whole Year 5 group we all learnt different things and got out of our comfort zone trying things we would not usually try at school. Some of the activities we did were the challenge course (it was very muddy but also very fun) the giant swing (it was fun, but you need to go the whole way up), archery (so good, no words), canoeing (so fun to canoe with your friends), and raft making (had fun in the pool). We were kindly hosted by some Mylor camp staff. Overall, it was the best camp we have ever gone to.

In canoeing, students used the canoe, a paddle and we had to wear a life jacket. We had lots of challenges along the way. We got on the canoe which was not hard then we paddled! Near the end we held on to each other’s boat and people one by one walked on the canoes that was hard, but it was really fun. Something I learnt was how to canoe and to do something I could not do before.

For archery, all campers went to a little shelter near the basketball court. We used plastic and wood bows and arrows. The target was a few metres away from where we were standing. To do archery you have to get the arrow and clip it on the string of the bow then you need to pull back and let go. You need lots of power to hit the target. At archery I learnt how to aim properly and how to do the right form.                     

The giant swing was an engaging and fun activity. It was a very close walk from the site, just up the road. In the giant swing, we had a harness on, and we were attached to two straps. Our group used the rope to pull us up high and did a countdown. When we were instructed to, we pulled a wooden blueberry that was attached to the straps, and it detached and left us hanging on the one strap which made us swing back and forth quickly. One of the hardest challenges was that a lot of us were afraid of heights and felt anxious about going up all the way. But there was an option to go at a lower height to make us feel reassured. Another challenge was pulling the rope because it was really heavy but when we worked together as a team it made it feel light and easy to pull.

The challenge course was overwhelming at first because we kept stepping on land mines which were actually the ladder that we had to step in. We had to use teamwork throughout it all like doing an army crawl underneath a fishnet rope. We also had to dump our heads in dirty water whenever somebody fell off a slippery wooden beam when there was water in a cone. The challenge course lived up to its name! We learned that using teamwork is always important in our lives.

So overall, all the activities were extremely engaging, and the food was delicious! The dorms were cozy, and everything was undoubtedly fun! It really gave the outdoorsy vibe, and you were able to face your fears and learn a lot! Some challenges were harder than others, but we were able to break through the barrier keeping us from doing things we couldn’t do before.

By Andriana, Aubrey, Giulia, Sayumi, Selena and Aristella


From the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Coordinator

Mr Alan Brown
From the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Coordinator

Adventure Unleashed!

A 4-Day Kayaking & Camping Expedition at Lake Bonney - Gold/Silver Dukes

On Monday 8 April, 15 students travelled to Lake Bonney to begin their 4-day kayaking and camping expedition. Four Year 12 students were undertaking their Gold Dukes Expedition, whilst the remainder of the group (Year 9 and 10 students) were on their Silver Level of the Award. On arrival at Lake Bonney the team quickly set about packing their kayaks for the 4-days/3-night expedition. This included all food and water spare clothes and camping essentials for the entire journey. Once packed, the team set off to navigate 10-12Km through Chambers Creek just off Lake Bonney to their first remote camp site.  The team arrived at their chosen site and set about setting up camp for the night. The next morning, after a hearty breakfast the team broke camp, re-packed their kayaks and headed off to a remote site on the banks of Loch Luna, just short of Lock 3 on the River Murray. Once again, the team set up camp made dinner and settled in for a good night sleep. Wednesday saw the team wake at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise, have breakfast and pack kayaks. All were on the water by 8:00am ready for the final leg of the expedition to paddle to Cobdogla caravan park. The last night was spent at Cobdogla where the team could shower and clean up before travelling back to Adelaide on Thursday morning.

Mr Alan Brown
Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Coordinator


144 Years of Mercy: The Arrival and Expansion of the Sisters of Mercy in South Australia

On Friday 3 May, we celebrated 144 years since 24 Sisters of Mercy arrived at Port Adelaide from Argentina to establish a Mercy foundation in Adelaide and in other parts of South Australia as the need and opportunity arose. These Sisters founded St Aloysius College, the community that has nurtured thousands of girls ever since. Of the 24 who arrived in Port Adelaide, 12 Sisters would stay in Adelaide and 12 would move to Mt Gambier. Six of those returned to Argentina in 1890. SAC students and staff participated in several missions to Buenos Aires over the years, paying their respects to these Sisters in their final resting place at Colegio Santa Ethnea, SAC’s sister school. We are forever grateful for the sacrifices these brave Sisters made to bring Mercy to our shores.


From the Secondary Sport Coordinator

Ms Meg Henderson
Secondary Sport Coordinator

Winter Sport Commences This Week!

Our senior footy team kicked off the winter season on Wednesday, with a tough game against Nazareth Catholic College. All soccer, netball and badminton games will begin tomorrow across a range of Catholic Schools in SA. Please refer to the draws on the SEQTA Term 2/3 Sport Portal, and for further information regarding absences and scoring/timing rosters. 

Note that regrading will occur after Round 4, and new draws will be released after this time. This may mean venues/game times are changed. We are looking forward to an exciting season of winter sport!

Knockout & Interschool Sport

On Wednesday 8 May, St Aloysius College competed at the annual SA Catholic Girls Secondary Schools Swimming Championships. It was a very successful day for our secondary swim team, placing competitively in all age divisions, and finishing overall champions for the day!

Apart from finishing aggregate champions, there were many individual successes and records made. Specific congratulations to the following students who met or set the SACSSGSA record:

Lavender (Year 9):

  • Div 2 U15 50m Backstroke
  • Div 2 U15 50m Freestyle

Diana (Year 9):

  • Div 2 U15 50m Breaststroke
  • Div 1 U15 50m Freestyle

Delilah (Year 11):

  • Div 2 U16 50m Breaststroke 
  • Div 2 Open 100m Breaststroke
  • Div 2 U16 50m Freestyle

Chloe (Year 6):

  • Div 1 U13 50m Freestyle

Sienna (Year 7):

  • Div 3 U13 50m Freestyle

Amelia (Year 9):

  • Div 1 U14 50m Freestyle

Claire (Year 11):

  • Div 1 Open 100m Breaststroke
  • Div 1 U16 50m Freestyle

June (Year 9):

  • Div 3 U15 50m Freestyle

Alice (Year 12):

  • Div 1 16+ 50m Freestyle

Trials for knockout basketball and netball have been taking place over the last week of Term 1 and first week of Term 2. We thank all students who came out to trial and showcase their skills! Team selections will take place over the next week and will be placed on the Knockout Sport Portal, along with training information.

Sporting Spotlight

A number of SAC students will be representing their cheer club, Outlaws All Starts, at the Cheerleading Championships in Honolulu, Hawaii from 17th - 19th May. This event hosts athletes from all around the USA and the world, with thousands expected to participate this year. Anna, (9LF), Bermuda (10PK), Ruby (5NP), Grace (5NP), Paige (4AC) and Tiana (8SN) were selected for one of the club's elite teams as part of an audition process. A high number of athletes tried out to be on the team, however only 17 were chosen for the “Golden Gunz”, who set off next week for Hawaii.

The girls and families are very grateful for the support and contributions made by the SAC community from the movie fundraiser and raffle tickets, which is helping cover some of the high costs in attending this overseas event.

We congratulate the girls on their selection and wish them all the best of luck!

A big congratulations also goes out to the following students who have been selected to represent South Australia at National Championships for their respective sports.

Remi (9KS) was selected to represent School Sport SA at the 15 Years and Under Netball Championships, held in the Gold Coast through late July/early August.

Chloe (6IW) was selected to represent School Sport SA at the School Sport Australia 12 Years and Under Swimming Championships. The team will also compete in the Gold Coast late July.

Claire (11CE) was also selected to represent School Sport SA at the School Sport Australia 13 to 19 Years Swimming Championships

Along with some recent accolades at the National Age Swimming Championships and National Open Swimming Championships, Claire will also be heading to Brisbane for the Olympic Swimming Trials for the 100 Breaststroke in June as her next opportunity to gain valuable experience in her development.

Ms Meg Henderson
Secondary Sport Coordinator

ANOTHER Exciting news!

Year 12 student Georgia will make her league debut for North Adelaide SANFLW on Saturday against Norwood. She’s feeling pumped and ready for the challenge! Stay tuned for updates! Good luck Georgia!


Student Spotlight

Josie reflects on her experience: 

Wearing my country's name across my chest in green and gold was an incredible achievement on its own. 

After only training with the whole team three times over the past four months and only a couple days to train in Orlando, we were able to come together and present two great performances. 

After the two days of competing, we came out with a silver medal for our country. Overall being able to represent Australia on a world's stage and come home with a silver medal was such an amazing achievement.


From the HASS Coordinator

Ms Elizabeth Heuzenroeder
HASS Coordinator

Empowering Insights: MP Louise Miller-Frost Inspires Year 11 Students on Social Justice and Career Paths

The Year 11 cohort heard from Louise Miller-Frost (MP for Boothby) as part of their Religion, Spiritualities, and Meaning assignment on Social Justice. With a background in public health and roles as the CEO of the St Vincent de Paul Society of South Australia and of Catherine House prior to her entry into politics, she was well-placed to discuss how social equity can be achieved through better policies and programs. 

Ms Miller-Frost’s visit inspired our Year Eleven students. 

Cheyarn commented “Listening to Louise Miller-Frost was a great opportunity to understand her journey through different jobs and the goals she had to construct to achieve where she is now.” 

Taya, too, found empowerment in Ms Miller-Frost’s story, sharing, “her story helped me to understand that I wasn’t restricted to the career path I choose now, in high school. She inspired me to believe that I can not only become who I want to become now but forever choose who I want to be in the future, even as a female.”

Celeste, Lucy, and Veronica commented, “the experience provided us with a highly insightful and engaging perspective of social justice at a personal, state, and federal level. It allowed us to understand how women can have such crucial roles in male-dominated fields and how to obtain those positions. The presentation illustrated how politicians are actively working within the community and their current goals. Overall, we are very grateful to have had the opportunity to hear her speak and ask her questions about both politics and social justice.”

We thank her for sharing her wisdom and inspiring us all to make a difference.

Ms Elizabeth Heuzenroeder
HASS Coordinator


From OSHC (Out of School Hours Care)

April Adventures: Animal Encounters, Career Day, and Mermaid Magic!

Students had a great time in a range of activities in the second week of April Vacation Care. On Monday, they had a few unusual animal visitors from Animal Anonymous, namely two pythons, a bird, a possum, a baby-size kangaroo, and two lizards. They were invited to pat the animals and even holding them if they felt brave and safe to do so. On Tuesday, they came to OSHC dressed up like a professional of their preference. Everyone played an important role in the community, such as firefighters, vets, doctors, scientists, hairdressers and so on. On Wednesday, students all had fun riding their scooters or bikes around the tracks or being the traffic light or traffic control police. On Friday, they went to the Futures Theatre watching the Little Mermaid on stage and then had some time at the local playground. Apart from that, some of them participated in a mermaid craft in that afternoon. Overall, students enjoyed the wide variety of activities offered in this vacation care.

Ms Ellen Duan
OSHC Assistant Director

MTOP Outcomes:

1.1 - Children and young people feel safe, secure and supported.
2.1 - Children and young people develop a sense of belonging to groups and communities and an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities necessary as active and informed citizens.
2.4 - Children and young people become socially responsible and show respect for the environment.
3.1- Children and young people become strong in their social, emotional and mental wellbeing.
4.1- Children and young people develop a growth mindset and learning dispositions such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity.
5.1- Children and young people interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes.


Coming Soon! Save the date for this year's SAC Laneway!

Click here to watch a short video


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