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Vision & Mission Statements

Mission statement

We believe that Gospel values guide all the activities of St Aloysius College.

We recognise that the foundations of St Aloysius College rest on the teachings of the Catholic Church.

We encourage our students to be confident young women who, with Christian courage, will meet the challenges of the future.

We nurture in our students an enduring zest for all aspects of life and learning.

We offer a wide and rich curriculum that aims to provide for a diversity of interests, talents and educational needs.

We encourage students to be self-disciplined and purposeful as they strive for personal excellence.

We believe that by encouraging our students in imaginative and creative pursuits, we are celebrating and continuing God’s creation.

We care about our environment and encourage responsible use of the world’s limited resources.

We encourage our students to adopt a balanced approach to living.

We believe in developing in students a critical awareness of the world about them, of their own needs and of the needs of others.

We celebrate, as a community, our gifts and achievements, and we support one another, particularly in times of special need.

Vision statement

These beliefs are the hallmarks of St Aloysius College and form the foundations of our vision as a Mercy school and a local Church.

We believe in God.

We believe in the sign of God’s merciful justice - Jesus Christ.

We believe in the Spirit, enabling us to be a sign of God’s mercy in the community.

We believe in the sacredness of life.

We believe in our responsibility to all people.

We believe in our responsibility for continuing the work of creation.