St Aloysius College Masterplan

We are excited to share our refreshed Masterplan that has been endorsed by the Mercy Education Ltd Board. The purpose of the Masterplan process is to develop a comprehensive vision for the future of St Aloysius College, considering the needs of current and future students and staff and promoting innovative and contemporary learning opportunities. The refresh continues to be centred on the essential aspects of the original Masterplan, as determined through consultation with staff, students and families, fundamentally focusing on providing open, green, sustainable, modern and flexible spaces for student learning and recreation. As a campus in the heart of the CBD, our aspirational Masterplan will harness the possibilities and address various challenges over a 10–15-year period. 

Our original Masterplan and subsequent refresh include several quick wins, medium term projects and a strong vision for the future. 

Completed Projects

  • Mitchell Courtyard/Playground Phase 1
  • Sr Judith Redden Centre ground floor furnishing
  • Branding Mural project

Short Term Projects Under Way

  • A new vertical primary school and rooftop garden/play space on the current Dunlevie Building site 
  • Phase 2 of the Mitchell Courtyard redevelopment 
  • Modernising the Sr Judith Redden Centre Classrooms 
  • Construction of an innovative technology space designed to support podcasting/film recording and 3D printing and enhance opportunities in Digital Technologies   

Medium-Long Term Aspects of the Refresh

  • Campus-wide assessment of outdoor space and development for learning and recreation 
  • Library and Auditorium redevelopments  
  • Redevelopment of the Wakefield Street entrance for street presence and improved student services 
  • Redevelopment of the Arts Centre including a prominent entrance to the Angas Street arts precinct  
  • A new Senior Centre and rooftop garden/play space on the current Year 11 wing of the Jordan building 


Detailed design planning for the vertical Primary school has commenced, with staff, student and parent consultation informing the design. While the demolition of the Dunlevie building, scheduled for December 2024, will be a bittersweet moment in our history, it is necessary in order to provide students with superior facilities including over 20 general learning areas, specialist Art, Music and Technology spaces, a community Café and hub, a new swimming pool and importantly, a rooftop space fit for student learning, recreation and play. 

While we undertake the Primary School building program, classes that usually occupy the Dunlevie building will be positioned in our Redden Undercroft temporary classrooms, affectionately known as ‘The Village’. The early construction of The Village for use from the start of 2024 will allow us to utilise these spaces to upgrade the Redden Centre classrooms, providing more contemporary, open and accessible classrooms catering for the diverse learners within our Year 6, 7 and 8 cohorts.