Year 11 Retreat – Enlightened About the Importance of Being Connected to Our Land

Year 11 Retreat

Enlightened, connected and sharing the Importance of Our Land

On Friday the 1st of July, the Year 11 cohort travelled to Sunnybrae Estate where we were exposed to the realm of indigenous culture. The retreat took a different approach from previous years. This year was the first year where Year 11s could partake in different traditional indigenous activities such as weaving, dancing, silk painting, the indigenous language, and a digeridoo workshop. We were also able to listen and learn from speeches about the personal stories of speakers Pilawuk White and David Booth.

A story that moved us was Pilawuk’s personal story about her experience with the stolen generation. For many of us, this was the first time we were confronted with the reality of Australia’s past actions against the indigenous community. Another featured speaker, David Booth, shared with us some of the Indigenous cultures he partakes in when welcoming non-indigenous individuals into their lands.

In participating in the water ceremony, we were enlightened about the importance of being connected to the land. With all of us bringing water from our homes to the ceremony everyone was connected to each other and the land, spiritually. Being given the opportunity to be immersed and educated in indigenous culture was a privilege.

Annaliese Hicks, Paige Forbes & Ava Gallina (Year 11 Students)