From the Deputy Principal (Administration)

From the Deputy Principal (Administration)

Mr Nick Tattoli
Deputy Principal (Administration)

As we commence the school year, I would like to extend a warm welcome back to all of our returning students and families. A very special welcome also to our new students and families beginning at St Aloysius College.
We are lucky enough to celebrate and provide opportunities for our students across the year, and it is worthwhile to take some time to scroll through some of the dates highlighted in the calendar so that you can plan ahead for some key events.

2023 Term Dates/Calendar. Click here to access our school calendar.

‘Meet the Teacher’ Evening for Reception to Year 7 Parents

‘Meet the Teacher’ evening is being held at the College on Wednesday 8 February from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. This is an opportunity for Reception to Year 7 parents and caregivers to meet their daughter’s Home Class teacher in their classroom and to hear about the year’s program and special features.

Year 3 Parent Information Session re Laptop Program

At 6:00pm on Wednesday 8 February, prior to the Meet the Teacher Evening, we will be holding an information session for Year 3 parents about our one-to-one laptop program. The session will include details about how the Surface Pro devices will be used in the education program, cyber safety, safe use and protection of the device and data and coverage for accidental loss or damage. The session will be held in the McAuley Auditorium.

Security and Visitors’ Badges

St Aloysius College, in line with many other schools and businesses, requires all people coming onto the school property during the school day to first report to the SAC Office in the main foyer to sign in and to wear a visitor’s badge whilst on the school property. This procedure operates from 8:45am to 3:00pm. During the school day it is usually only possible to enter the property through the Wakefield Street doors. If you are in the school grounds without a badge you will be asked to immediately report to the SAC Office. Please do not try to rush past the SAC Office desk without getting a visitor’s badge, even if the staff are a little busy, as the safety of students is very important to us and unidentified strangers pose a serious threat to everyone. Whilst we are sorry if this practice inconveniences parents and visitors coming to the College, we hope you will understand our reasons for implementing this procedure – the safety of our students.


St Aloysius College will continue to follow the advice of our governing bodies and SA Health regarding our approach to COVID-19 and its potential impact on school events and other practices. We will continue to communicate with parents and caregivers as such needs arise.

As per SA Health guidelines, to reduce the risk to others, if a student test positives to COVID-19, they should:

  • Stay home until their acute symptoms have cleared (usually 5 to 7 days)
  • If they must leave the house, wear a mask when indoors or on public transport

Please note that all positive cases must be reported to SA Health and families must inform St Aloysius College – this can be done via the link on the SEQTA Engage Welcome Page or by contacting the SAC office.

Collaborative systems:

If you are yet to set up your parent/caregiver accounts on SEQTA and Consent2Go, or viewed our social media platforms, please select the relevant tabs below.


St Aloysius College uses SEQTA as a learning management system to enable greater collaboration between school and home. The SEQTA platform consists of three integrated portals:

– SEQTA Teach for teaching staff
– SEQTA Learn for students
– SEQTA Engage for parents and caregivers

The portal allows parents and caregivers a snapshot into the lessons taught for the day, homework set, upcoming assessments, feedback and rubrics on marked assessment tasks, and formal academic reports.
If you are new to the College this year, or a current parent/caregiver yet to set up your SEQTA login, you should have received a separate ‘Welcome to SEQTA’ email. Please follow the prompts in the email to set up your account.

Click here for further information, including the SEQTA app details along with login and user guides.


Starting in 2023, we will be utilising Consent2Go – a digital solution that easily enables you to accurately keep and update your child’s health records and provide consent for school events, excursions and camps in a secure and timely manner.

If you are new to the College this year, or a current parent/caregiver yet to set up your Consent2Go account, you will receive a separate ‘Student Profile Update Invitation’ email. This email will be sent from: St Aloysius College – [MCBSchools] [email protected] so please ensure you look out for this in your inbox. Please follow the prompts in the email to set up your account.

Click here for further information, including an introduction to Consent2Go and FAQs.

SAC on Social Media

We love to showcase to the wider community who we are as a College and to celebrate the many talents and achievements of our students and staff.
Please click on each link to access our pages:

I hope that this is a successful year for all of our students and their families and I look forward to meeting you all at the various events throughout the year.

Mr Nick Tattoli
Deputy Principal (Administration)