HASS History Week!

HASS History Week!

Year 12 Business Innovation – students love the opportunity this subject provides for creativity, decision-making and connections with the real world. In the above photos, they are working on their business plans.

May is traditionally History Month, and while our students are constantly immersed in History within the HASS framework, it is timely to draw attention to the importance of history in our daily lives.

It is fascinating to think that an individual living today, following their family heritage back 10 generations, would have over 4,000 ancestors who have contributed their genes and history to that individual’s life.

So, it’s time to reflect on and celebrate the nature of history and its impact, especially on a nation like Australia with its rich heritage of indigenous peoples and migrants.

During History Week, students were invited to reignite their passion for History and HASS, took a daily quiz, looked at the Britannia website ‘Today in History’ and participated in the History Challenge by following prompts around the school. In class, students continued to engage in a variety of tasks within their HASS studies.

Ms Carolyne Williams
Humanities & Social Sciences Coordinator