National Organics Week

Year 3s were on a mission, recycling food waste as part of National Organics Week

In Week 8, Year 3 Students connected with the Adelaide City Council on an excursion to Rundle Mall to learn about recycling our food waste as part of National Organics Week. The students learned about the right way to dispose of organic waste in the green bin, and had fun getting their hands dirty, planting petunia seedlings, cucumber, broccoli and carrot seeds. After all the hard work, they enjoyed some fruit together, and then disposed of their waste correctly in Rundle Mall’s brand new organic waste bins!

“I enjoyed getting to plant different types of food and plants into pots.” Ruby Sarkanen 3RL

“It was good to plant plants on our excursion.” Emily Camporeale 3RL

“I learned that sometimes you can put cardboard in the green bin, like pizza boxes because they are oily so they can’t go in the yellow bin.” Bailey Colman 3RL

“I learned how plants grow and how important it is to compost food scraps.” Andriana Timogan 3RL