Year 10 History

A Valuable, Impactful and Touching Opportunity

“Hearing the stories gave me an opportunity to understand other people’s life stories.”

As part of their study of The Holocaust, Year 10 History classes visited Adelaide Holocaust Museum this term. We are very fortunate to have this valuable opportunity so close to school! At this museum, students interacted with the museum exhibits, analysed primary sources and heard stories from the museum staff to learn about the experiences of minorities during the Holocaust. Students were also fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and hear the testimony of Andrew Steiner, a Holocaust Survivor. Students commented:

“Hearing and reading about real stories from Holocaust survivors was the most impactful and important thing”

“Andrew’s message of equality and forgiveness really impacted and touched me as it’s not easy at all to have the mindset and forgiving heart that Andrew has. His message has definitely stuck with me and is something I won’t forget.”