Year 3’s Wonderful Easter Gesture!

Year 3’s Wonderful Easter Gesture!

Students in Year 3 were delighted to gift beautiful artworks to Calvary Hospital representatives to be used as placemats for lunch trays during Easter. It was lovely to see the students getting involved in this activity, creating over 160 placemats for the patients. We hope the recipients enjoyed these unique creations!

“It was calming and fun painting the placements for the people in the hospital. I loved it and thought it was such a nice thing to do.” Grace Loechel, 3ID

“I enjoyed making the placemats for other people to enjoy and make them happy. I hope it brightened their day.” Allie Hassam, 3ID

“I liked how calming it was to paint the placemat. All the colours were warm and it felt nice. I hope that the people who used my placemat are feeling better.” Isabelle Nelson, 3RM

“The placemat looked really pretty and I liked that it was made to help someone’s day be better. I hope they liked it.” Isabella Parra-Cardenas, 3RM