Year 9 Podcasters – Mad About Music

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Year 9 Podcasters – Mad About Music

Year 9 Digital Technology students have been working with James Meston, Producer at Arch D Radio, and Michaela Howard-Jones from the Catholic Office for Youth and Young Adults. Students have been involved in every facet of the production of a professional podcast and FM radio show.

Throughout the program students learn what a podcast is and how it is different from other media types. They develop a run sheet to identify subtopics before writing questions. Questions vary from ice breakers, one thing questions, tell me a story questions and reflective questions. They also learn about what makes a good story which include making sure you include details, include moments of reflection, make sure your stories are sequenced and dialogue needs to be included. Then they write a blurb, create an art piece, and then publish their podcasts via Spotify!

It is great to see students’ collaborative skills and speaking confidence develop throughout this program.

Ms Joanne Villis
Digital Technologies Coordinator (R-12)

Eleanor, Ella & James Meston working together on the podcast