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Learn about us through our Student AR Murals

If you enjoyed MOD. gallery, you'll love our augmented reality murals.

Step 1: Download the free EyeJack app on your phone or tablet*

  Get it on Google Play

Step 2: Open EyeJack, scroll down the featured events and load the St Aloysius College artwork.

You're ready to visit Chancery Lane and watch our murals come to life through EyeJack on your phone or tablet.

*Note: Students will need parental consent to access free apps such as EyeJack on the AppStore or Google Play. 
Parents: Please read the information at the bottom. 

**Please stay safe on the footpaths while viewing and stay aware of your surroundings.**

Scroll down to see the trailer.

Meet the Students




Mural Credits

* Note to Parents:

You may wish to supervise the use of installing and using the EyeJack app to view our stunning student murals and then at your discretion you may (or may not) wish to uninstall the app to maintain supervision for your child.

Note: All SAC content is suitable for viewing by all ages, however other art events around Adelaide using EyeJack may have content that requires parental discretion. 

For example, MOD. gallery has ground floor viewing of a G nature, while the second floor has some content of a PG nature.