From the Catherine McAuley Library

From the Catherine McAuley Library

Ms Ali Ripberger
Teacher‑Librarian & Information Services 

#1 New York Times bestselling author and illustrator, Andrew Joyner

Term 4 started with a special visit from one of SAC’s favourite author/illustrators, Andrew Joyner, with our Year 6 classes enthusiastically participated in his inspiring and hands-on workshops. Andrew used his picture book, Love Was Inside, to model and encourage students to create their own mini-book – with fantastic results. Students benefit so much from hearing firsthand from authors about their experiences in being published. It is always interesting to hear how each author persists through challenges they face to achieve their goals. The overwhelming message is consistently to keep reading, keep writing, and to look for stories through our experiences around us.

Ms Ali Ripberger
Teacher‑Librarian | Information Services Coordinator