A seafaring encounter experience at the Maritime Museum

A seafaring encounter experience at the Maritime Museum

“What is that in the distance? Is it a bird?”

These are the thoughts that our First Nations people might have had the first time they saw large sailing ships on the horizon. Understanding the First Nations’ perspective on the European exploration of Australia has been a key part of the learning during Term 3 HASS in Year 4. To consolidate that learning, the Year 4 classes visited the Maritime Museum, where they got to explore artefacts from Australia’s early history, learn about why the map of Australia changed over time and experience what it was like on board the ships that travelled to Australia. Of course, a trip to the Port wouldn’t be complete without a cruise along the Port River where students were able to see a working port in action. There was a bit of rain on the day of our excursion, but it certainly didn’t dampen our enthusiasm or fun!

Ms Viviana Graney
Primary Coordinator Teaching and Learning

“I loved the Archie Cruise because we got to see the life of the Port River. Even though we didn’t see any dolphins, it was lots of fun!” Nimithi Wickramage 4SL

“I liked exploring the ketch and learning about the different parts of the boat like the Captain’s cabin and the cargo hold.” Harper McLaughlin 4PG