A Good Beginning is of Great Importance

Mercy Light: Learning

While the completion of term is in many ways an ending, for some of our youngest students and their families, it signifies the opposite: the start to a great adventure of learning and personal growth. The College welcomed new students starting Reception mid-year for three transition mornings, offering them a gentle introduction to school life.

Primary Coordinator, Ms Abby Matte, along with teachers, Ms Jess Grohs and Ms Nadia Fimiani, have been excitedly preparing for their new pupils.

“We are thrilled to welcome our newest students to our school community! The Term 3 Reception class is buzzing with excitement, and we can’t wait to see their smiling faces as they embark on their educational journey at SAC next term!”  say Abby.

Sisters of Mercy Foundress, Catherine McAuley, noted, “a good beginning is of great importance.”  In this spirit from Early Years to Year 12, staff at SAC are committed to building relationships with students and their families to ensure they feel supported and achieve their goals.

The new students had the chance to meet some of SAC’s friendly staff before their transition mornings, so that a sense of familiarity and support was established, easing their transition to school. Abby shares, “we went to visit all the students in their initial early years environments. Our little learners have now had the chance to spend time learning at SAC, guided by the wonderful Ms Fimiani and Ms Grohs. Transitioning to a new environment can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, but in the capable hands of our nurturing teaching staff, each student has thrived!”

Mid-year Reception enrolment enables the girls to complete their foundational year across six terms, rather than the traditional four. The program consists of three transition sessions and allows the girls to be immersed in aspects of school life before beginning full days in the classroom. Mid-year Reception teachers, Ms Grohs and Ms Fimiani, facilitate engaging activities during playtimes and maintain a warm and welcoming presence before and after school, fostering a rich sense of community.

In just a few weeks, the students will return to SAC, this time in their full uniform, ready to make the most of SAC’s offerings – including, of course, the renowned Climbing Tree playground they’ve so enjoyed! They’ll continue to be supported by staff and peers, and eventually older students through the Sisters in Action (SIA) program, whereby Receptions are guided and mentored by Year 6 students.

Read a little of what the students most enjoyed during their introduction to SAC, and what excites them about joining the community:

“I can’t wait to learn numbers, letters and making things. I really enjoyed painting.” – Anastasia

“I really enjoyed making bracelets because I like making craft.” – Yosra

“I was happy dancing at Music. I am excited to start school!” – Arissa

“I can’t wait to do lots of painting, my favourite thing to do is colouring in.” – Swara

“I really liked playing sports in the Gym.” – Iniya

“I liked that we got to play games in the Gym.” – Zoya

“I am excited to play basketball when I start school.” – Miheylee

“I really enjoyed doing our Music lesson because I like to sing.” – Violet

“I liked doing different activities like beading, playdough and puzzles.” – Lan

“I’m excited for the swimming pool!” – Octavia

On day one of Term 3, the College community will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Receptions in Dunlevie Courtyard and celebrating 100 days of Reception for those who joined in Term 1. It is all around a very good beginning.

Ms Maddie Kelly
Marketing & Communications Team