A little wet weather – lots of fun!

A Little Wet Weather – Lots of fun!

A little wet weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of our Year 7 students as they headed off to the Adelaide Hills for Year 7 Camp over the past few weeks. Students enjoyed the opportunity to connect with students across the year level and form new connections, while pushing themselves physically and trying new activities. From getting muddy and wet while tackling Challenge Hill, ducking for cover and hiding in the forest during laser skirmish, to learning survival skills by starting fires using flint, there was always something new to try.

Students also enjoyed the opportunity to learn from local businesses about how to start, grow, and diversify a business. Our trips took us to the fields of Jurlique flower farm, into the warm kitchen of the family run of Beerenberg, and around the delectably sweet factory of Melba’s Chocolates. The presenters gave a great insight into what it takes to run a business, and how they have managed to overcome challenges that the pandemic has presented them with.

A big thank you to the Year 7 teachers who helped make this camp possible.

Ms Tenielle Nuske
Year 7 Coordinator

“Camp was amazing, I made so many new friends and many memories.” Kira Zhang

“Camp was a fantastic and enjoyable way to meet new people. We also appreciate the opportunity to step outside of our comfort zones and attempt a variety of new activities. Despite the weather, we had a fulfilling experience.” Zihan Cheng & Clementina Colmenares Gonzalez

“The camp was a great experience with good people and the activities we participated in were very fun. The businesses we went to were very nice and strawberry Beerenberg ice cream absolutely tastes amazing!” Alexandra Sheedy