SAC’s Spirit of Hospitality, Diversity, and Inclusion on a Great Big Canvas

SAC’s Spirit of Hospitality, Diversity, and Inclusion on a Great Big Canvas

Over the last few weeks, it was a pleasure to see staff and students coming together to create a vibrant face for The Village wall.  Launched on Harmony Day, the artwork celebrates the spirit of hospitality, diversity, and inclusion that we are so proud of at SAC.

The Community Artwall project wouldn’t have been possible without the Art Department’s guidance and assistance, the Maintenance team support, our wonderful Year 12 Art Leaders and the many enthusiastic students and staff who dived in to master their street-art skills! No matter how big or small the contributions were, every stroke is now part of the big picture and owned with pride. 

Whether it was being involved in a new activity for some, making new friends for others, or enjoying a moment of mindfulness, each session reminded me that big things are possible when done with love for our school community. 

Thanks to everyone who participated to make this project come to life! 

Ale González Salas
Publications/Marketing Officer

Staff and student reflected:

“It was fun to paint with and meet the other SRC’s. The artwork represents Harmony Day in my eyes because all people are in harmony at this school, and it makes me feel connected to different cultures. I would like to see more artworks because it brightens up the school and makes it a lot more inspiring. I have never painted before, so it was fun learning how to paint with all the different techniques.” Sienna Wilkinson (Year 5 SRC)

“The invitation to be included in the Art Wall was really welcoming. I don’t see myself as particularly ‘arty’, but the invitation to be included, regardless of skill, was great. It was nice to chat with students I didn’t know while I painted, forming connections throughout the community. To me, the artwork represents invitation, welcome and community togetherness. It makes me feel included within our community and through it I see cooperation and diversity. I discussed the community art wall with my Ancient Studies class in relation to a comparison with Ancient Egypt and considered what we can learn about a society from its art! Ms Elizabeth Heuzenroeder (HASS Coordinator)

I loved having the opportunity to be involved and paint a section, and I wish I could have done more! The colours are just beautiful. I loved how staff could just pop in and paint a bit when they had a spare half an hour and there was a lovely community vibe to the project. It would be wonderful to see some more artwork around the school! Ms Jessie Wildenauer (Teacher-Librarian)

“I feel happy that I got a chance to be able to paint The Village mural. The artwork represents to me all the kind and caring students that come to SAC. This artwork makes me feel very relaxed and calm. I would love to see more artworks around the school created by students because it shows how hard the students and teachers worked to make this. I was very comfortable with the painting techniques we used because the teachers told us everything and it was an amazing experience.” Mia Belperio (Year 5 SRC)

“I felt like I made The Village a more colourful and welcoming place for all the students. To me the artwork represents all the caring students that attend SAC no matter what their religion or background is. This artwork to me shows students/teachers holding out a hand and offering help. Being a part of this makes me feel like I helped make a colourful change to the school in this new learning space. I would like more artworks around the school because it is very bright and pretty. When painting I felt comfortable using the techniques and I really enjoyed painting the mural with the Year 9 students.” Grace Halligan (Year 5 SRC)

“The artwork represents mercy and the different communities that all come together in one place. The SAC community has always been inviting no matter who you are and what you are like.” Joy Julianto (Year 7 student)

“I liked it and I was really happy to participate because it means that I’ll always have a mark on the school, even if I move or when I graduate. It was really fun to paint. The graphic represents hands and that we have a community here where everyone is welcome no matter their colour or their disability. I’d love to see more artwork created by students and also by the Reception students because they would probably like to participate too even though they are little.” Liana Arthur (Year 7 Student)