Can we research?  Yes, we can! 

Can we research?  Yes, we can! 

A Research Question: “In 2023, to what extent were First Semester, Year 11 students of SAC able to…. 

The following analysis of the SACE results released on July 25 will give us some idea of the answer: 

[Congratulations here go to Layla of 11FT, Isabella, Alice and Emily of 11LK, Daniela, Elli, Morgan and Jade of 11LN, Sara, Eleanor, Alexis and Tali of 11MS, Zuha, Anjali, Zayna, Dior and Tara of 11SE, and Caitlin, Abbie, Sara, Amelia, Poshika and Amelie of 11MB.] 

These results show that the students, teaching and support staff involved deserve our heartiest congratulations for their dogged hard work and ideas generation. 

Examples of Research Questions developed and investigated by students included “What non-pharmacological interventions can be used to manage mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease for patients living at home, and how do they work?”, “What elements do I need to create an optimal biotope paludarium for an adult Varanus semiremex (Rustys Monitor)?”, “How does the use of colloquialisms in Australia make understanding English harder for refugees?”, and “To what extent can human abusive behaviours be explained?” 

Here is what some of the students had to say about the Research Project journey: 

“I really appreciated the chance that Research Project gave me to use my own personal interests in an educational setting. I found it really engaging to be able to research my own topic that I loved and create something that I wouldn’t be able to study in school otherwise, because it is so different from any subject offered. Research Project helped me reflect upon what I might want to study at university and pursue as a career through being able to engage with a single topic for months on end, and enjoying it throughout. I learnt some amazing communication skills, reaching out to people via email, social media, and phone calls to gather information, as well as thoroughly searching the internet and exhausting all resources available in order to find information. I think Research Project is an amazing chance for people whose interests do not align perfectly with school subjects to use their alternative knowledge to their advantage and put it towards their education.” Sara 

“Research project was an opportunity that allowed me to explore a topic of interest in a great level of depth and detail. My research project enabled me to explore the importance of understanding and evaluating the past, to assess current and future events. Thorough research exposed me to a variety of differing perspectives which ultimately enabled me to perceive the world around me in a different light. I improved my ability to think critically and creatively by demonstrating insightful analysis and I will carry these skills with me for many years to come.” Tara 

“Research project has not only been a fantastic way to develop my analytical & literary skills, but also to expand my understanding in an area I am extremely passionate about. My topic, the International Space Station and international cooperation in the space industry, allowed me to explore the intricate details of space history and the project’s unconscious role in shaping the sector. Understanding how international cooperation in human-spaceflight has evolved has also increased my understanding of the space industry’s current dynamics and their implications for the future. Being able to deeply investigate the subtleties of my topic was another aspect I loved, and I am tremendously proud of what I have been able to achieve in this subject.” Amelia 

Ms Sandra Eustace
Research Project Coordinator

Some of the highly successful graduates of Research Project B in Semester 1, 2023