A visit to an Adelaide eco-village

A visit to an Adelaide eco-village

The Year 8JT Geography students are currently researching liveability in megacities and will be turning their attention in the next few weeks to considering how to improve liveability in Adelaide. To prepare them to play the role of urban planners, the class visited Christie Walk eco-village in Sturt Street to learn about sustainable living and how cities can be transformed into ecologically sustaining and economically viable communities. The girls’ reflected on their visit:

I enjoyed looking at all the ecological housing, greenery and the bees, and seeing what our future could look like”

“It was very inspiring to see how people made small changes in their life which makes it sustainable”

In the apartment building there was a strong sense of community”

“I liked the different ways of preserving energy (heating and cooling), by using materials such as hay bales and hebel blocks to build houses”