Primary HASS

Young future council members and/or law enforcement personnel!

Questioning, researching, analysing and communicating in year 4 HASS

This term for HASS, Year 4 students are researching their local councils. What we discovered is that in our classes many of us share a local council and what’s more, the gender balance of Mayors in the councils represented is fairly even. Two Year 4 students even took the time to make appointments to see their local Mayor in all her regalia. What a wonderful opportunity to meet someone significant from their local area and also to ask important questions as part of their research. Perhaps we have some future council members and Mayors among our students. Time will tell!

Ms Viviana Graney
Primary Coordinator Teaching and Learning

learning about rules and laws in Year 5 HASS

Our Year 5 students have been learning about rules and laws this term for HASS. They had to choose a law enforcement personnel such as a lawyer, police officer, environmental protection officer or other. Students then had to record inquiry questions to research and present their findings creatively in front of the class. Lilliana and Gigi from 5AS chose to dress up as their characters.

“I was very confident, and I was very brave to do my talk in front of the whole class. My favourite part about my talk was my ‘who am I’ question. I did cue cards for my talk, and I brought handcuffs and a hat.” Liliana

Mr Adrian Sheridan
Year 5 Home Class Teacher