Ancient Egypt guest speaker – Hamdy Hassan

Ancient Egypt guest speaker – Hamdy Hassan

Recently, 7MH and 7LS were fortunate to experience a presentation by Hamdy Hassan, History Teacher from Playford International College. Hamdy was born in Egypt and studied History in Cairo. He was an official tour guide at ancient Egyptian sites before migrating to Australia and training to become a teacher. Hamdy is a dynamic and knowledgeable presenter. As a teacher, what I particularly liked was the way that he encouraged the girls to analyse primary sources and think about the reasons behind the decisions made by ancient Egyptians. This helped them to see that people in ancient civilisations are just like us, in that there is always a reason for behaviour. With over 1400 Egyptian Gods this is an effective way for them to understand why people in varying areas worshipped different gods.

Students reflected:

“I really enjoyed his explanation on religion in ancient Egypt. Mr Hassan explained all the different things Egyptians worshipped such as crocodiles, cows and the sun. He talked about Pharaohs and mumification. An interesting fact I learned was that pyramids for the dead are all on the western side of the Nile, as this is where the sun set.” Christina, 7MH

“Today we learnt about the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. He taught us a strategy about how to tell why they worshipped those gods. I enjoyed this because it was the thing I found most interesting about Egypt.” Chiderah, 7MH

“The Kahoot at the end was really fun and helped me test my listening skills and the knowledge I remembered. Mr Hassan was very nice and inclusive, and I hope he comes again.” Alyssa, 7MH

“I learnt how and why they put the dead on one side of the Nile and the living on the other. I learnt a lot about Egyptian religion and gods. The words and facts timeline and images were all interesting. I liked how many photographs there were. I appreciate Mr Hassan coming in.” Eva, 7MH

“I became more knowledgeable about Ancient Egypt’s religion and about their religious beliefs.” Asna, 7MH

Ms Louise Umehara
HASS Teacher