Arts Week

Arts Week – Celebrating the creativity and collaboration in our school community!

Arts Week was a new initiative organised by the Senior Art, Drama and Music leaders to celebrate the Arts, as well as the creativity and collaboration in our school community.

Held in Week 6, students had the opportunity to get involved in and explore various areas of the Arts. With musical performances, photobooths and a collaborative banner among other exciting activities, this celebration of the Arts was filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

The Year 10 and 12 Drama students started the week with a bang by seeing sold out State Theatre show Antigone. The play started in Ancient Greece we are then shown a kaleidoscope of dramatic vignettes, personal stories, and dialogue taken from the mouths of our own politicians and famous women throughout history. Confrontational and moving at times, the students thoroughly enjoyed the production. On Wednesday our Drama Leaders ran a dress-up photo booth. 100’s of photos were taken against a gold glittery curtain. Finally on Thursday Slingsby’s Flying Squad visited the school with the beautiful and creative production of This Tree is a Tree. Exploring the cultural and diverse backgrounds of the actors, the play fit in beautifully with the Year 7s current studies of their own cultural backgrounds.

Musical offering over the week included the Drum Corps leading a Conga line around the school, an interactive display of unusual instruments, a Year 5 excursion to hear the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and performances from a variety of ensembles which had the crowds rocking at lunch times throughout the week. A particular highlight was the Year 7/8 Dance group dancing up a storm to the Middle School Concert Band’s Thriller.

Throughout the week there was also an exhibition of student artwork in the foyer and students collaborated to create a fantastic banner celebrating the week.

On behalf of the Arts Leaders, we’d like to thank all those who participated in Arts Week 2022!

Thankyou also to Arts coordinators Ms Turner (Music), Ms Barratt (Visual Art) and Mr Coultas (Drama) for their support in helping our vision come to life.

Emily Crocker (Music Leader) & Paige Tran (Art Leader)