Bell Shakespeare Incursions

Bell Shakespeare Incursions

The Bell Shakespeare Company’s ‘Players’ presented a transformation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedies Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth for the Year 10 and 11 students. The productions contained a mix of excerpts from the original plays interspersed with commentary that explained the significance of the action, the characters’ motivations and the playwright’s craft. 

Some students reflected:

“We really enjoyed the performance. It was very engaging and interactive as they used volunteers from the audience to act in it. They also used comedy to lighten up the dark themes of Macbeth. The actors were really passionate about their roles and really embodied their characters.” Savana & Scarlett (Year 11 students)

“The presentation had a mix of comedic elements yet retained the serious aspects to tell the story in the way Shakespeare wanted it to. The acting done by the Bell Shakespeare company was highly in character and the actors played their roles well. The interactive aspects of the performance helped keep the audience entertained and interested in the story.” Angelina, Sophie & Tilda (Year 11 students)

“The Players took a unique approach in sharing the story of Macbeth. Performing it as a group who are rehearsing the show helped the audience understand what was going on in the story as they took the time to explain through scenes. The performance captured our attention as it took on a modern approach which was more interesting for secondary school students.” Keira & Marley (Year 11 students)

Ms Genevieve Pelekani
English & Literacy Coordinator