Celebrating Co-Curricular Achievements

Celebrating Co-Curricular Achievements

One of the foundations of learning at St Aloysius College is the belief that students benefit tremendously from participation in co-curricular activities. These activities that occur outside the classroom are invaluable opportunities for students to not only develop skills they excel in but also to apply new learning to real-life opportunities. We applaud two students who have demonstrated how accurate this is. 

Arielle Herman, in Year 5, has participated in ICAS competitions since Year 3 with extraordinary success. This year is no exception. She sat all four disciplines of ICAS, which include Mathematics, Science, English and Digital Technologies. This year, she was awarded ICAS medals for outstanding achievement in the subjects of Science and Digital Technologies. ICAS medals are presented to students who score in the top percentage of their age group. Congratulations Arielle on this remarkable accomplishment. 

Tatum McLean is an active participant in co-curricular activities and a recent member of the Pipalyatjara trip. Prior to her departure, Tatum met with the East Adelaide SAPSASA coordinator and a representative from the Sports Bureau to discuss transforming her art design into a sports uniform for the East Adelaide SAPSASA team. She had complete creative control over the placement of the design as well as colour sections. In the new year, her design will become a reality and will be worn by the East Adelaide SAPSASA team when they are competing. Hopefully, some of our own SAC students will be chosen for this team to wear Tatum’s design. Congratulations Tatum on the recognition of your skills. We can’t wait to see the finished uniform. 

Ms Viviana Graney 
Teaching and Learning Coordinator R-6/First Nations Focus Teacher