Celebrating Creation

Celebrating Creation

Celebrating Creation is the focus of the Year 9 retreat. The retreat builds on the Year 9 Creation Unit in which we explore the way in which the creation accounts in Genesis, along with scientific explanations including Natural Selection and the Big Bang reflect our innate desire to understand the why and how of our existence. The retreat is designed to expand the students’ understanding of what it means to be made in the image of God by seeing all creation as an image of God and exploring the way in which we are all interconnected in the one story of the universe. The retreat affords students the opportunity to see themselves radically interrelated with the universe and to think about their relationship with God mediated through all creation.

Ms Elizabeth Boylan
Faith and Mission Coordinator

Student Reflections on the Day:

“I enjoyed the yoga. It calmed me and let my mind relax and feel closer to nature. It made me reflect on how lucky I am to have opportunities I take for granted. I felt the flow of the holy spirit and inner peace.”

“My favourite part of the retreat was the cosmic walk. It created a serene and tranquil environment. The candles being lit individually gave us time to reflect on the beauty of creation.”

“During the day, my favourite activity was the art task. I thoroughly enjoyed letting my mind wander with the paint brush. Drawing nature put me in a mindful space.”

“The meditative seed mandala activity was very intriguing. It was helpful for achieving mental calmness and concentration. By focusing on ourselves, it enabled us to capture inner stillness and concentration. This task allowed us to escape the conflicts going on around us and peacefully enjoy the time.”