A Joyous Occasion!

A Joyous Occasion!

Celebrating the Sacraments of Confirmation & First Communion

The Sacraments of Confirmation & First Eucharist complete the Sacraments of Initiation in the Catholic Church. On Wednesday 22 June, sixteen Year 4 students, their sponsors and families gathered in St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral to celebrate these sacraments. The candidates prepared with their class teachers and in a workshop day this term.

Our celebrant, Archbishop Patrick O’Regan assisted by Fr Anthoni Adimai and Deacon Paul Crowe, led the congregation Mass. In the Rite of Confirmation students renewed their Baptismal promises, firstly spoken for them by their godparents. They were anointed with the oil of Chrism, in their chosen Confirmation name with the words “Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.” Students researched their named saints in preparation for this, and proudly wore the sash they had made with their special name. During this time, their sponsor placed their right hand on their right shoulder as a sign of support.

A group of Year 4 students celebrating the Sacraments of Confirmation & First Eucharist – “Sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit”

At Communion time, the candidates received the Body of Christ at their First Holy Communion. This moment in their faith journey signified their inclusion as fully initiated members of the Catholic Church. This commitment was witnessed by the whole congregation, especially their proud sponsor and families who then joined them in Communion. At the conclusion of the Mass, students received a special pin to remember this joyous occasion.

Congratulations to:

  • Amilia Candotti
  • Chloe Battilana
  • Georgia Couch
  • Alaysha Davey
  • Eloise Deane
  • Jasmine Luong
  • Cielo Malapira
  • Harper McLaughlin
  • Daniela Monge
  • Alexandra Nguyen
  • Estelle Psarros
  • Mia Maria Tammaro-Lopresti
  • Gabrielle Tamondong
  • Blythe Truslove
  • Mollaidh Walsh
  • Mila Zunic

Thank you to the Primary Choir and their angelic voices, to our readers Angelica Alfaro, Ceit Deane and Lisa McLaughlin, and College staff who assisted in many ways on the night. Many thanks to the families who made generous donations to Catherine House.

Further congratulations to Eloise, Daniela & Mollaidh who celebrated their Sacrament of Reconciliation on 20 June in the Cunningham Memorial Chapel.

Ms Sandra Sofia
Religious Education Coordinator (R-6)