Wonderful Creations on Display!

Wonderful Creations on Display!

Please come along to the front office to view the amazing work of our Year 7, 9, 10 and 11 Art and Design students. Featured in the foyer are the Year 10 Design classes’ SAC shelter design posters, the Year 10 Art classes colourful ‘My Place’ paintings, and the Year 9’s creative Fauvist inspired paintings. The Year 11’s ‘Environment’ themed artwork is an amazing exhibition of multimedia pieces. Displayed in the centre are the Year 7’s vibrant Animal sculptures, their abstract animals do not fail to brighten up the foyer!

Inspired into the World of Portraiture

On Tuesday 2 August a group of Year 10 students attended the Transforming Techniques: Self Portraiture workshop held at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Practicing hyper realist artist Ellie Noir took students through a full day portrait drawing workshop which also included a very special sneak peak at the Archie 100 exhibition that is currently featuring at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Students felt extended and inspired in their own work by the experiences of the day.

“To encapsulate, this amazing opportunity has brought me new insight into portraiture, and has taught me the different elements and techniques that are vital to drive a successful portrait.” Disha Singh

“The self portrait workshop taught me new artistic skills I hadn’t learned before, like drawing with charcoal, a medium excellent for smooth blending and incorporating the Archibald prize winner’s styles into our own portrait.” Scarlett Scardigno