Coding a Promising Future in SAC’s new Tech Studio

Mercy Light: Learning

In 2015, United Nations world leaders announced the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 goals, their ‘roadmap’, to achieving it. One of those goals is to ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education. Today, nearly 10 years on from this declaration, the global community has faced unprecedented challenges. The emergence and advancement of digital technologies has enabled us to seek and find solutions, and these technologies are increasingly important tools in student learning. Digital technologies promote collaboration, creativity, independence, critical thinking and innovation; skills leaders need to address complex problems facing our global community. [1]

On Wednesday April 3, SAC’s Tech Studio was officially opened, the culmination of a vision shared by passionate staff and students alike.

The College’s Digital Technologies Coordinator, Mr Tom Cotton, proposed the idea in 2023, and almost exactly 12 months later, proudly welcomed visitors into the fully-functioning space for the first time. The open-plan Tech Studio is equipped with everything from robotics, to 3D printers, to a podcasting studio and video production technology.

“Digital Technologies is a field that’s always changing and it’s not necessarily about teaching students how to use one program or one type of technology, it’s about giving them skills to use technologies effectively and ethically. We wanted a modern and versatile learning area to teach Digital Technologies, and this space achieves that,” Mr Cotton said.

“A lot of this subject involves project-based learning, and the Tech Studio is designed so that students can work effectively in small groups. It’s a multi-purpose space, and many faculties within the school will benefit from its use.”

Enthusiastic Digital Technologies students, Myf H and Molly R (Year 9), Maria J and Stephanie K (Year 10), enjoyed collaborating with classmates and staff to provide input into how the space was set up and designed.

“Mr Cotton showed us the construction bit by bit and allowed us to make suggestions so that we’d get the most out of the space once it was set up. We really enjoyed that,” Maria explained.

Stephanie is excited about the range of equipment and programs the Tech Studio can host: “It’s not just about coding, there’s many opportunities for us to explore, to have a less formal and hands-on approach to many technologies.”

Myf and Molly, keen podcasters, are particularly keen to use the Tech Studio’s podcasting equipment to engage in what they describe as, “professional talking.” 

Myf said, “This space opens up doors for us. I wasn’t interested in Digital Technologies until we started learning the subject at school, and our podcasting night in Year 8 got me into it. I love to talk and in podcasting, I can do what I love with a purpose.” Molly, who has represented SAC at a podcasting leaders day hosted by Arch D Radio, agrees.

“When you are podcasting, you get to be yourself. Digital Technologies is also good because we can learn about how these devices are created and how they can be used.”

Maria explained that, “Digital Technologies is a subject that is mouldable to the individual’s passions, it is such a broad subject, but it can give us pathways to many other opportunities and careers. I don’t have to stick with coding if I don’t want to, I could move into digital design!”

In a world increasingly dependent on digital literacy, it’s imperative to for young people to know how technology can be used for good.

Next time you are at SAC, come and have a peek into the Tech Studio, or if you’re considering SAC as an option for your child, why not book a School Tour?


Ms Maddie Kelly
Marketing & Communications Team