Colourful collage butterflies

Colourful Collage Butterflies

Combining Science & the enthusiasm for art & colour

The Reception students have enjoyed creating colourful collage butterflies in excited preparation for Book Week next week. The Book Week theme for this year is “Dreaming with Eyes Open”. The artwork to support this theme has been beautifully illustrated by Jasmine Seymour, a First Nations author and illustrator. The Reception students combined their Science inquiry into materials and different types of textures with their enthusiasm for art and colour. Their efforts have resulted in eye-catching butterflies, emanating Jasmine Seymour’s artwork, to build anticipation in our library for next week’s celebrations. We are looking forward to a special week of author visits, fun activities in library sessions, competitions and the Book Week Parade for our primary students and Chancery Lane friends. Book Week is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading and the importance of stories in our lives.

Ms Ali Ripberger
Teacher‑Librarian | Information Services Coordinator