Continuing the Storytelling of our History

Continuing the Storytelling of our History

General Studies

The innovative General Studies Program, introduced in 1972, was an attempt to make learning a ‘joy’ and to prepare lower secondary students for a world of integrated knowledge. It shifted the focus from purely academic achievement to an alternative approach accommodating students’ interests and abilities. The new curriculum broke down the traditional subject-oriented approach by incorporating religion, English, history, geography, art and science into one integrated subject. It involved team teaching and group work with its emphasis on justice and empowerment. The program continued into the 1980s when the name was changed to Integrated Studies. Students had mixed views of the program, with one reporting ‘the work is varied and it’s pretty hard to be bored…I’ve discovered it’s possible to enjoy your work and still learn’ while another reports it involved ‘a lot of time wasting!’.

Ms Carol Grantham
Head Archivist

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