The SAC Op Shop: Empowering our School Community and Fostering Sustainability:

In an era where sustainability and community engagement take centre stage, SAC increasingly recognises the importance of instilling these values in students. One innovative initiative that embodies both community service and skill development is the SAC Op Shop. This unique project not only provides students with an opportunity to volunteer but also imparts valuable skills in retail and promotes sustainable practices.  Highlights of this endeavour are the active involvement of Year 12 students who created a spectacular fashion parade showcasing sustainable fashion for the entire school community as part of their Integrated Learning course, the market lunchtime events, and our pop-up events across the city.

The School Op Shop: A Hub of Learning and Giving Back

The SAC Op Shop serves as a dynamic platform where students can actively contribute to their community while developing essential skills. Managed and run with students, the SAC Op Shop offers a range of second-hand goods, from clothing and accessories to books and household items. Through volunteering at the op shop, students gain hands-on experience in customer service, inventory management, and visual merchandising, all while fostering a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

The Year 12 students, eager to leave a lasting impact on their school community, spearheaded the initiative to organize a fashion parade with a sustainability focus. Recognising the need to promote eco-friendly practices, they decided to showcase clothing and accessories exclusively sourced from the SAC Op Shop. This not only reinforced the school’s commitment to sustainability but also encouraged our students to learn about alternative, more environmentally conscious fashion choices.

The fashion parade serves as a visual, but it also educated the school community on the importance of reducing their environmental footprint. The event successfully challenged preconceived notions about second-hand clothing, proving that fashion can be both affordable and eco-friendly. 

The SAC Op shop has also been involved in many market days which have occurred at lunchtimes each term as well as pop up stalls during the Fringe music events, our school Laneway festival and most recently in the SAC Wakefield Street Christmas Pageant Hub.

Students have not only learned about the intricacies of event planning but also developed skills in collaboration, leadership, project management and contributing to meaningful mercy work projects.  Additionally, their involvement in promoting sustainable fashion empowers them to be advocates for positive change within their community.

All proceed from our sales are distributed to Mercy Works projects. Since the SAC Op Shop began in 2020, we have raised over $7500!

The impact on both students and communities is enduring and transformative.

As the SAC Op Shop continues to thrive, it exemplifies how a small initiative within a school community can create a ripple effect, leaving a lasting impact on both students and the broader community.