Every Brilliant Thing

Every Brilliant Thing


Recently the Year 10 Drama classes visited the Space theatre to see a production of Every Brilliant Thing.  In the play a young boy attempts to help relieve his mother’s depression by making her a list of every brilliant thing in the world. Decades pass, the list grows and what was once a game eventually becomes a new way of looking at the world – a world where there is joy to be found in every corner of our world, if we can open ourselves to the possibility. Duncan Macmillan’s acclaimed interactive comedy about family, love, loss and hope has delighted and moved audiences across the globe and it delighted our students too!

Students reflected on the show:

“Jimi (the actor) was so raw and genuine; it was like nothing I had seen before.” Michaelle

“Jimi was an amazing actor- he nailed it! I feel lucy to have seen this show.” Alexa

“It was brilliant, the actor Jimmy was so emotional he’s an amazing actor it’s very fun.” Phoebe

“For a one man show it was really good and he portrayed the character really well and relayed a really good message.” Chloe

Mr Tom Coultas
Drama Coordinator