Energetic & fun days in OSHC DURING THE Vacation Care Program!

Over the course of approximately three weeks, including a week in January, students enjoyed an array of activities during the Vacation Care Program. The excursions were full of energetic fun days to various places such as AFL Max, lunch at the Adelaide Zoo, Thorndon Park Playground and roller skating at St Clair Recreational Centre. Our OSHC Centre activities included a Sip and Paint Day where students enjoyed sipping smoothies whilst creating their masterpieces as well as a Spa and Wellness Day where once again students explored mindfulness through meditation and yoga and also enjoyed having their nails and hair done.

Our cultural Day explored the country of South America. The students immersed themselves in a day filled with crafts, food, music and dance. Many other activities during Vacation Care included Santa’s workshop, Water Play day, Kids vs Educators Day and Ignite VR & Technology Day. Our program concluded with a visit to the Movies and a relaxing afternoon of crafts and free play.

Ms Vicki Costi
OSHC Assistant Director