From the Catherine McAuley Library

From the Catherine McAuley Library

Ms Ali Ripberger
Teacher‑Librarian & Information Services 

Book Week 2023 – cOMING SOON!

The excitement for Book Week is building as we gear up for this special occasion next week, with a 2023 theme of Read. Grow. Inspire

All classes have been reading their way through the shortlisted books this term, and the Reception and Year 1 students particularly loved responding creatively to Lionel and Me. A story of friendship and loyalty between Maverick the Labrador and Lionel the Dachshund set the scene for a stretchy craft activity! Students enjoyed creating their own model of Lionel and discussing the important messages the story poses to its readers. 

Our Reception to Year 6 students are joining with our friends from Chancery Lane in the Book Week Parade next Friday (25 August). Parents are welcome to join us for the parade in the Redden Undercroft at 9am. We have encouraged our primary students to come along dressed up to reflect this year’s theme or as one of their favourite book characters. Costumes need not be expensive or complicated – the library team is getting crafty and making our outfits! We look forward to your support of this opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading together.

Ms Ali Ripberger
Teacher‑Librarian & Information Services Coordinator


As part of our Book Week celebrations, we were lucky enough to host renowned children’s author Nat Amoore recently and our Year 4 and 5 students gave her a rockstar welcome! With titles to her name such as ‘How to be a Schoolyard Millionaire’, ‘The Power of Positive Pranking’ and ‘The Right Way to Rock’, we knew we were in for a treat, and we weren’t disappointed. Nat’s hilarious and energetic presentation was awesome – we heard about her books, how she got into writing after she retired from acrobatics, and she demonstrated what it takes to make readers believe a story (hint…it’s all in the details and how you tell it!) Thank you, Nat, for coming to SAC, we loved having you here!

Some Year 5 Reflections:

“Nat Amoore I loved your visit and you’re so funny. You’re great at storytelling and you should be a comedian one day.” – Ziqi

“I liked how Nat made all her stories very funny and she was very nice. She left us laughing and it felt like it was at a comedy show.” Daphne

“I liked Nat because she was really funny and she had a lot of funny stories to tell, and she taught me a lot about what goes into making the books and made me want to read them.” – Anonymous

“Nat Amoore is such a funny and amazing author and I can’t wait to read more of her books!” ­Stella

“My favourite part of Nat’s visit was getting her autograph and her story about her head, and my absolute favourite part was when she told us adults are boring. – Penny

“Nat was so inspiring and so funny. Now I want to create my own book. You make me think that anyone can be anything.” Ruby