From the Deputy Principal (Pastoral Care)

From the Deputy Principal (Pastoral Care)

Ms Jacqui Mcilroy
Deputy Principal
(Pastoral Care)

At St Aloysius, we have a proud tradition of working to nurture student leadership across our school in a wide range of areas. One of those includes our Student Representative Council (SRC), which is a formal group of students, elected by their peers to represent them and their points of view.

As an SRC, students facilitate leadership and decision making by bringing important issues to the notice of the school community, as well as organising whole school events and taking on additional responsibilities.

We congratulate our 2023 SRC members, a strong group of passionate and energetic young leaders.

Congratulations to the following students:

Ms Jacqui Mcilroy
(Deputy Principal Pastoral Care)

Year 11 SRC Executive
Year 10 SRC Executive
Year 7 SRC Executive