From the Drama Department

From the Drama Department

Mr Tom Coultas
Drama Coordinator


The Year 12 Drama students and several staff member attended The Adelaide Festival production of The Promise, a musical theatre show. Created by Wende and five playwrights, The Promise fused themes of motherhood, women’s issues and expectations into theatrical and innovative song. Utilising intense lighting and sound, balanced with many softer moments and audience interaction, The Promise was a wonderful experience for our students to see live at the Space Theatre.  Many student comments are below:

“I thought it was actually a really interesting show – there was so many different interesting light and music dynamics that sold the story they were trying to tell, and just giving a little bit about the actors that came on stage, it was a very different view of what was going on. It was fantastic.” Makayla Comley 

“I thought the play was very interesting, the music was also interesting. It was also really empowering as well, and I think that for people who relate to it would enjoy it.” Lilly-Rose Matthews

“I really enjoyed this performance; I thought it was a really unique exploration of the female experience captured through such amazing lighting, sound, and movement techniques. It was such an immersive and thought-provoking performance.” Eleanor Buckham

“I loved it. I think the lead singer was awesome and the band was amazing – they really played to the audience, which I think was so cool. Everything was so unique and different, it was great.” – Bridget Tran

“I really enjoyed the performance. I thought the songs were really great; I really liked the rock ballads….and how they leaned into elements of insanity. It was an incredible production of theatre.” – Grace Campbell

“I really enjoyed the show. I thought there was a bit of everything for everyone… different genres of music for everyone to enjoy.” Maria Truong

“I thought the performance was really exhilarating; there was a lot of dramatic ups and downs, and she was just overall a very amazing singer with just amazing range.” – Michelle Moey

“I thought that performance was outstanding. They are such incredible artists, musicians, and actors. The music was incredible and unique – I really enjoyed it.” – Sara Boksmati

“I thought the performance was really good – I liked to see the performers switching from musical instruments and coordinated really well together.” Abbey Moretti

Year 10 and 11 Drama

Last week the lucky Year 10 and 11 Drama students along with our study tour students from St Capitanio Japan, attended a performance Time Machine at the Adelaide festival. The focus of the performance was Extreme Action, a new art form invented by award-winning choreographer Elizabeth Streb, which takes choreography beyond dance to defy gravity and pushes the human body to its limits. Time Machine was a breathtaking retrospective of Elizabeth Streb’s extraordinary career. The performers combined virtuosity and technical skills in a fast-paced intense show.  

Some students’ comments are below: 

“The production showed a lot of elegance but also very rough around the edges and I liked the thought of the gravity was your friend and that we shouldn’t be scared of it.” – Amy Branson

“The performance had amazing storytelling and was fast and acrobatic, it was very exciting.” Zahra Mohammadi

“I like how they made it really big and fun for the audience.” – Haylee Bahr

save the dates for our year 10 and drama nights – coming soon!