From the HASS Department

From the Humanities & Social Sciences Coordinator

Ms Elizabeth Heuzenroeder
Humanities & Social Sciences Coordinator

understanding the Holocaust’s impact

All six Year 10 History classes recently visited the Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Steiner Centre, an experience that provided them with a profound connection to the history they have been studying. The excursion, part of their World War II unit, allowed students to hear survivor stories and engage with historical artefacts, deepening their understanding of the Holocaust’s impact, and the lessons we can learn from it.

The highlight for some classes, was meeting Holocaust survivor Andrew Steiner, who shared personal insights into his experiences during the war. This rare opportunity gave students a tangible link to history, emphasising the importance of remembrance and education, and Andrew’s message of love and forgiveness.

Students left the museum with a renewed perspective on the significance of learning from the past to inform our future, ensuring that such atrocities are never repeated.

Ms Elizabeth Heuzenroeder
HASS Coordinator

CONNECTING WITH ANCIENT CULTURES AT THE University of Adelaide’s Museum of Classical Archaeology

“The Year 11 Ancient Studies class recently visited the University of Adelaide’s Museum of Classical Archaeology. With over 1700 artefacts on display, students were immersed in Greek and Roman culture. Students were able to learn about the importance of historical provenance and make connections between ancient cultures and our own. Year 11 student, Grace, commented: “The guided tour of the Museum of Classical Archaeology was a wonderful and insightful experience that allowed our Ancient Studies class to explore various cultures and times throughout history, spanning from a mummified hand from ancient Egypt to a Roman baby bottle dating back to the 1st century CE. Thanks to the lovely guides and our teachers, we have gained insight into the extraordinary history of humanity.” Students also had the privilege of hearing from University of Adelaide scholars, Dr David Rafferty and Chloe Jones, who discussed pathways for studying and working in the field of Ancient History.” Grace 11CE