From the Music Department

From the Music Department

Ms Fiona Turner
Music Coordinator

The cold, wet and muddy conditions didn’t dampen OUR SAC musicianS’ spirits AT ALL!

Last weekend, Catch 22 and the Stage Band headed off to Mt Gambier to participate in the annual Generations in Jazz Festival, joining 4,500 students from all around Australia. As well as putting on fantastic performances, students watched other schools, participated in workshops, heard some amazing professional jazz musicians in three different concerts, and were treated to Australia’s only concert by Swedish group Dirty Loops. This concert saw thousands of students on their feet and grooving to this amazing band.

Beyond the festival, the group also visited local sites including the Umpherston Sinkhole and Blue Lake.

Attending this event was a fantastic opportunity to interact with, and learn from, other passionate musicians and the supportive atmosphere helped our ensembles perform with enthusiasm and confidence. The highlights of the weekend included being able to participate in the workshops, learning jazz improvisational and vocal skills, and an awesome weekend was had by all. We are incredibly proud of the commitment demonstrated by the groups and their director, Ms Stephanie Neale, as well as the growth in skills which has been evident throughout. Thanks also to the families and staff who travelled down to support the students.

Sienna Hill, Rita Caprioli and Ms Turner