HASS – Happy And Successful Students

HASS – Happy And Successful Students

HASS is about producing Happy And Successful Students who believe it is possible to be pro-active, have a voice and offer solutions to many of the world’s problems. All this is possible for our students while they are also developing a profound interest in and appreciation for the world around them.

The diverse curriculum that is facilitated via studies in HASS affords students in Year 7 to 12 fabulous opportunities to engage with History, Geography and Civics.

A brief look at Term 3 studies shows that:

-in Yr 7, students have pondered the contemporary issues facing the globe today by investigating climate change, rising sea-levels, fast fashion and the war in Ukraine, to name a few. As Amelia C (7NW) reflected after researching the war in Ukraine, “Obviously, the majority of the world’s population agree that war is not okay” If only the voices of children were taken more seriously!

-Yr 8 studies of Medieval History ask of students: Were the Middle Ages a great time to be alive? Once students understand the rigid social structure, the hardships of peasant life, the control of the medieval church and gruesome forms of punishment, perhaps the romantic view of the Middle Ages is soon dispelled! Nevertheless, designing coats of arms is a welcome creative outlet.

-In Yr 9 Geography a more sobering topic of global food production raises challenges for the future provision of food in a world where global populations are expanding, and Australia produces much more food than the local population can consume. Consequently, food wastage is an enormous issue nationally.

-in Yr 10, even more sobering studies provide insights into the rise of Nazism, the Holocaust and lessons for humanity. Visiting the Holocaust Museum is a definite highlight.

Meanwhile in Years 11 and 12, our senior students have been raising awareness and funds for charitable groups as part of studies in Society & Culture while senior Legal Studies students have been learning about the rule of law, separation of powers and political parties, all in preparation for an upcoming Mock Trial.

Such diversity in studies is really preparing our students to be informed and pro-active current and future citizens in an increasingly complex world.

Ms Carolyne Williams
HASS Coordinator