HASS Faculty News

HASS Faculty News

Term 3 started off in performance mode, not just because of the whole-school production but because we welcomed Glen Phillips from Troubie Theatre who impressed the Yr 9 & 10 students with several performances throughout Week 2.

Year 9s were treated to a WW1 performance in which Glen focussed on the very personal aspects of WW1 for those who served and those left behind in Australia. Fitting very much into the Australian Curriculum requirements, the performance certainly enhanced content students have covered in class.

Year 10s were offered a theatrical glimpse into the machinations of WW2 and then the Rights & Freedoms/Referendum presentation was a timely reminder about the ways in which democracy can forward the agendas for those who have been discriminated against in the past. Through the use of powerful songs like Midnight Oil’s Beds are Burning and Goanna’s Solid Rock, Glen was able to illustrate the need for restitution for those who have not always benefited within our democracy.

The value of such performances for our Yr 9 and 10 students lies in the performers use of historical primary sources like speeches, songs, poetry, political declarations, reportage, anecdotes, recollection and opinion. Therefore, students receive a diverse range of perspectives from which to better understand the historical and contemporary aspects of events.

Meanwhile, 9TC were treated to an exciting excursion to the Army Museum of SA at Keswick. As a very hands-on and visual treat, students were able to see the armaments and other paraphernalia associated with our Army personnel, their daily experiences and involvement in war, particularly WW1.

Ms Carolyne Williams
HASS Coordinator