Health and Fitness OSHC 2023

Health and Fitness – Week 4

Students got to enjoy the sunshine in Week 4 and got active with health and fitness over the week. The girls had fun engaging in activities that were different than their usual craft activities, as well as learning about different aspect of health. From using the equipment out in the courtyard to playing at the playground, the girls loved being active outside and this week gave them the opportunity to face a series of exciting challenges.

On Wednesday afternoon, the girls were given a physical challenge and participated in an “Active Scavenger Hunt”. They were tasked to explore the courtyard while completing a variety of different exercises such as jumping jacks, sit-ups and burpees. This activity was greatly enjoyed by the girls and allowed them to move in different ways and strengthen their bodies.

Another activity the students enjoyed a few times throughout the week were yoga exercises in the OSHC centre, where educators put on Cosmic Kids yoga videos on the big screen for the girls to participate in. They had fun practicing both static and dynamic yoga poses as well as singing and dancing to music, loving the opportunity to stretch their bodies, express themselves and have fun with their friends.

Throughout the week, we discussed with the girls a few different health topics such as the importance of oral health where the girls made and decorated their own tooth, and the benefits of exercise, with the girls expressing the different ways by which they like to get active.