Heat Experiments – STEM and 9JV Science

Heat Experiments – A snippet of STEM and 9JV Science

The “Fountain Experiment”(pictured above)

Several students excitedly filmed this demonstration that relied on how a tiny volume of liquid water can turn into a huge volume of steam when boiled, and then back again when cooled, drawing a large swirling volume of coloured water into the container to take its place.  Parents and home class teachers were the beneficiaries of their enthusiasm!

Lara (pictured above) kindly shared her photos with us.  Here she is seen contributing to her group’s experimental investigation into which coffee mug material keeps the hot drink warmest over a period of time.  Students were learning further about elements of experimental design – how to control variables more carefully, making repeated measurements with better precision, in this case using Pasco temperature sensors to blue tooth data to their Sparkvue app.  This meant that students could set it to automatically sample temperature at regular intervals, record a table of the data, and graph several sets of data on the one set of axes.  Turns out those travel mugs are a good investment!

Ms Sandra Eustace
Chemistry Teacher